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Orange Jelly Beans is a simple candy eliquid that tastes just like a real orange jelly bean. Premium Labs who manufacturer Orange Jelly Beans are based in Canada and pride themselves on mixing up innovative, top-shelf blends for the world to enjoy. I would recommend allowing this ejuice to steep for about a week or two before vaping.

No need to worry about chemical undertones or bad throat hits because Orange Jelly Beans only utilize quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The ratio is 75VG/25PG, which can provide some flavorsome and also dense vapor. You can get Orange Jelly Beans with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine.

Orange Jelly Beans by Premium Labs Ejuice Review


As the name suggests, the main flavor profile in this mix is orange jelly beans. On the inhale I experienced a juicy and fresh orange candy taste. The throat hit is impressive and worth noting. On the exhale this same flavor flows on through resulting in a very enjoyable vape overall. If your tired of complex flavor combinations and just want something that tastes good and authentic, then give orange Jelly Beans a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Orange Jelly Beans by Premium Labs Vape Juice Review


You can purchase a 60ml bottle of Orange Jelly Beans by Premium Labs for around $19.99 USD. I think this is a decent enough price. I was lucky enough to find my bottle in this months Zample Box. They’re a terrific eliquid subscription service based in the USA. Zample Box is a great way to try out new eliquid based on your prefered flavor choices. It’s also easy on the wallet, with the cheapest box being under $10 USD.

Orange Jelly Beans by Premium Labs Eliquid USA Review


I felt the packaging design was average at best. They have a variety of different labels on the market currently. The one I received featured a colorful circus inspired background with a nice bold shield logo. Nothing really screamed ‘jelly bean’ at me, which was disappointing. The bottle was heavy duty and made dripping a breeze.

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Orange Jelly Beans by Premium Labs Eliquid
Quality IngredientsNice Simple Flavor ProfileDecent Price
Average At Best Label Design