Oumier WASP NANO S 25MM BF RDA Review

Oumier WASP NANO S 25MM BF RDA Review
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The Oumier WASP NANO S 25MM BF RDA is a breath of fresh air in regards to DIY vaping. With so many pod systems being released in 2020, it was exciting to see a new and relatively unique RDA being made. The WASP NANO S is based on the Wasp Nano RDA, but with some notable differences. Keep reading to find out how it compares to the original.

Oumier is a popular vape manufacturer based out of Shenzhen, China. They were founded in 2013 and are best known for their Wasp range of rebuildable atomizers. This includes RDA’s, RTA’s, and also RDTA’s. I personally think Oumier is a great company that takes time with each product release to really nail the design and performance.

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The Oumier WASP NANO S RDA is super compact, measuring just 30mm’s in height. It features an average diameter of 25mm’s and looks at home on most mods. The gold platted 510 connection protrudes a reasonable amount which means it’s safe to use on mechanical devices. This time around the wide bore 810 drip tip is removable, unlike the previous model.

The Oumier WASP NANO S RDA boasts a very unique build deck that’s somewhat similar to the original. The main difference being it can now accommodate single and also dual coil builds. Unfortunately, the flathead screws haven’t improved and are easy to strip. I’d also recommend being careful not to screw too deep or the screws can get stuck.

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The Oumier WASP NANO S RDA can be challenging to build on if you don’t first watch a video tutorial online. This is because the instruction booklet isn’t overly detailed. If you’re building dual coils, make sure to individual wick each one. This will improve the overall vape by drawing eliquid from both the sides and the middle 5ml juice well.

The Oumier WASP NANO S RDA base is constructed from superior stainless steel and the top cap is made from heat resistant plastic. It features dual slotted adjustable airflow with no stopper. The flavor was hands down fantastic! Cloud production is also pretty decent. I noticed the o-ring tension could be a tad tighter. Once eliquid got onto them, it became fairly loose.



Oumier WASP NANO S RDA is available to buy right now. The cheapest place I could find online was $19.99 USD from Health Cabin. Make sure to use our exclusive 10% off coupon code ‘WVM10’ at checkout. I think that’s a fantastic asking price considering how well this RDA performed. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing. While building on the deck does require some research, I’m happy Oumier is at least trying something different.


The Oumier WASP NANO S RDA comes in a variety of see-through colors. This includes black, gold, stainless steel, and also blue. While the product itself looks quite nice, I felt like the packaging design was a bit unimaginative. I think they could have done something more creative considering the brand name. Inside you’ll find your Oumier Wasp Nano S RDA, 2 x coils, cotton, parts, and also a user manual.

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Oumier WASP NANO S 25MM BF RDA Review
Compact Design
Mech Safe
Removable Drip Tip
Fantastic Flavor & Clouds
Affordable Price
Hard To Build On
Bad Screws
Average Packaging