The OVVIO X2 Pod Kit is a brand new pre-filled AIO device that looks cool and also performs extremely well. If you’re seeking a healthier alternative to smoking, I’d recommend checking this product out. The stylish design is complemented by a decent sized battery and relatively good flavors. It boasts a new heating technology developed by μKERA. I have to say that the taste and cloud production is impressive for such a small pod.

OVVIO is a boutique vape manufacturer that doesn’t compromise on looks or function. They’re based out of Dongguan, China, and to date have only released two products. This includes the original Series X which hit shelves in late 2019. The attention to detail each product receives is impressive. I wish more companies would slow down and put more effort into making the best product possible.

OVVIO X2 350mAh Pod Kit Review


The OVVIO X2 Pod Kit is a compact and highly portable device. It measures in at 19mm’s by 11.5mm’s by 106.6mm’s and weighs just 28.2 grams. The main chassis is made from good quality aluminum which makes it a bit more durable compared to its zinc alloy counterpart. The outer body features a nice matte coating that feels natural in hand. The shape is rather ergonomic and can be easily vaped like a traditional cigarette.

The OVVIO X2 Pod Kit boasts a 350mAh internal battery, that can output 1.1ohms of resistance. You should get a few days out of it before having to recharge. This is easily done via the modern USB-C charging port. A full charge will take roughly half an hour or so. That’s much faster than what a Micro USB charger can do. A convenient LED light will indicate how much battery you have left each time you take a hit.

OVVIO X2 1.5ml Pod Kit Review

The OVVIO X2 Pod Kit can be used hands-free and is also breath activated. This means no buttons or settings to mess about with. It’s nice and simple for a transiting smoker or relatively new vaper to use. The cartridge on top is held in place by two strong magnets. Unfortunately, it only holds 1.5ml of eliquid. That’s not a whole lot, so I’d recommend carrying around some replacement cartridges while on the go.

The cartridges come pre-filled with 20mg or 50mg of nicotine salt. You can choose from a handful of stock standard flavors that include tobacco, mint, mango, grapefruit, blueberry, and also mint tobacco. I was overall impressed with the taste. They were refreshing and quite authentic. The smart micro vaporizing technology used does a great job of heating the eliquid. Super smooth draws, no dry hits, and heaps of great flavor!

OVVIO X2 Closed Pod Starter Kit USA Review


The OVVIO X2 Pod Kit is available to buy right now for $11.99 USD from Vapesourcing. Make sure to use our exclusive 12% off coupon code ‘WWM12’ at checkout. You’ll also need to pick up a 4 pack of replacement cartridges for $8.99 USD. I was a bit disappointed that the starter kit didn’t include any cartridges. But the device itself is much better quality than similar products already on the market.


The OVVIO X2 Pod Kit comes in a few different colors that include red, gunmetal, and also black. The fit and finish is superb. This subtle and aesthetically beautiful device is perfect for stealth vaping. It also features minimal branding. The packaging is fairly average but does the job. Inside you’ll find your OVVIO X2 battery, USB-C charge cable, and also a user manual.

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OVVIO X2 Pod Kit
Compact, Portable, & DurableLooks & Feels NiceGood Sized Battery & USB-C ChargingTasty Flavors & Smooth DrawAesthetically Beautiful
Limited Eliquid CapacityTouch PriceyNo Cartridge In Starter Kit