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Pachamama Huckleberry Pear Acai is a uniquely crisp and refreshingly sweet eliquid blend that I have the pleasure of reviewing. Manufactured by the well known ejuice conglomerate Charlie’s Chalk Dust, you know this mix is going to taste good and be of high quality.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust are based out of the USA and their core focus is to provide vapers with premium ejuice that has been crafted to perfection. This is well represented by the huge amount of awards Charlie’s Chalk Dust have won over the years including best fruit, best brand and best liquid.

Pachamama Huckleberry Pear Acai is no different. No need to steep, just rip open the bottle and start vaping away. I experienced no nasty chemical tastes or throat burn that are usually associated with cheap home made brews.

Pachamama Huckleberry Pear Acai By Charlie’s Chalk Dust Ejuice Review


This eliquids main flavor profiles are pears and acai berries. I have never tasted real acai berries but it works well with the pear flavoring. This ejuice is sweet with a tart bite. On the inhale the pear is the most dominate flavor with subtle berry undertones. The tartness of the acai berry kicks in on the exhale.

Pachamama Huckleberry Pear Acai is so smooth to vape on and would be any fruit lovers dream. I have been constantly vaping on this since arrival. It is definitely all day vape worthy.

Pachamama Huckleberry Pear Acai By Charlie’s Chalk Dust Vape Juice Review


You can pick up a 60ml bottle of Pachamama Huckleberry Pear Acai for just $9.89 USD or £14.99 GBP. This is astounding value for money in comparison to similar brands on the market. I would highly recommend to every vaper to try out this line including Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine, which was a another personal favorite of mine.

Pachamama Huckleberry Pear Acai By Charlies Chalk Dust Eliquid USA Review


The packaging you will receive is a nice box and your standard unicorn bottle. The artwork chosen by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is an avant garde. I love the neutral tones and simplistic design.

It looks almost like an expensive wine bottle label. It holds everything you need to know including mg, ml, flavor and representative logos. This is how vape juice companies should approach there branding. Visually appealing on sight.

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Pachamama Huckleberry Pear Acai By Charlie’s Chalk Dust Eliquid
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