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Today I’ll be reviewing Phat Phunk by Phat Phog. They are a United Kingdom based company that get their ejuices manufactured by Truly Distillery in Malaysia. The Phat Phog range is available in 30ml or 120ml bottles. This is a very smart idea. The 30ml bottles allow new customers to purchase the sample size to test, then once they enviably get hooked, 120ml’s it their only option. And believe me, you will be hooked.

Phat Phunk by Phat Phog Ejuice Review


Phat Phunk is described as a real pineapple slice that is not too bitter or sweet. The pineapple flavor in this eliquid was spot on for me. It smelled exactly like a tin of pineapple slices. The smooth taste of pineapple is present throughout the entire vaping experience. On the exhale their is a subtle menthol flavor which was a surprise.

Now I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest lover of menthol or cooling agents in my vape juice. In fact I can count on one hand the eliquids with menthol that I’ve enjoyed. Phat Phog have nailed the cooling agent in Phat Phunk. Also it’s been layered in such a way that it doesn’t give you the typical ice lung punch that most other ejuices do. Hence this makes Phat Phunk perfect for fruit lovers and seasoned menthol lovers looking for something a little bit different.

Phat Phunk by Phat Phog Vape Juice Review


The Phat Phunk is available in a 25ml short fill bottle from the Phat Phog website. It will cost you around £7 GBP. All things considered, I think that is not a bad price. The short fill is a good idea for vapers in countries that can’t purchase over the counter eliquid with nicotine. Phat Phunk is a 60VG/40PG combination. Having the PG levels a little higher means that the flavor concentrates are able to combine faster, providing a more tasty flavor profile.

Phat Phunk by Phat Phog Eliquid UK Review


The Phat Phog label is simple, yet visually appealing. The design is primarily black with the Phat Phog logo on the front. Similarly the logo is multi-colored and looks like it was done with spray paint. Just below the logo is the name of the eliquid. Also on either side is the usual ingredients and warnings. All in all, I was very impressed with Phat Phunk. If an eliquid company can make a menthol eliquid that I keep reaching for, then they have done something right.

Comment down below what you thought of the Phat Phunk by Phat Phog Eliquid.

Phat Phunk by Phat Phog Eliquid Review
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