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Today I’ll be reviewing Phatcurrent by Phat Phog Eliquid. Phat Phog are a United Kingdom based ejuice company that have their entire range manufactured in Malaysia by Truly Distillery. They are available to purchase in two convenient sizes ( 30ml and 120ml ). All of their mixes contain high quality ingredients and are relatively coil friendly. If your a Phat Phog fan, you’ll want to checkout my review on Phat Phunk aswell.

Phatcurrent by Phat Phog Ejuice Review


Phatcurrent is a blackcurrant flavored eliquid. Full disclaimer, blackcurrant is not a flavor I would usually rate highly. Similarly I have found that in other mixes, the flavor profile is hard to get right. I’m not too sure if its because blackcurrant can be an overbearing flavor or that the sour notes is something that I tend to steer clear of. Whatever the case, Phat Phog have actually nailed this flavor and I’m happy I gave this blend a go.

Phatcurrent by Phat Phog Vape Juice Review

Phatcurrent is sweet to taste. Within the first few seconds of this vape I was transported to my childhood. The flavor reminded me so much of a blackcurrant pastille fruit chew. Phatcurrent also includes a fresh twist.

The biggest surprise to me was the inclusion of menthol. Not an over the top menthol, but a very cooling and smooth menthol. Also the addition of the menthol to this eliquid tends to round off the sweetness of the blackcurrant. It is a very balanced flavor profile.

Phatcurrent by Phat Phog Eliquid UK Review


You can pick up a 25ml short fill bottle of Phatcurrent from the Phat Phog website for £7 GBP. Hence for that price its worth a purchase just to see if you like it. The Phat Phog range is available in a ratio of 60VG/40PG.

Most of the eliquid I usually make or purchase is higher in VG, however that lends itself to a loss of flavor. The 60/40 split is perfect to give you the most banging flavor possible, but still making the vape juice viscous enough to be used in your favorite sub-ohm or rebuildable tank.

Buy Phatcurrent by Phat Phog Eliquid Review


The Phat Phog bottles come with a very simple label design. The logo itself looks like a spray can tag and aligns with the ‘take it back to the streets’ philosophy of the brand. Also the design is brightly colored and provides all the information and warnings the consumer has grown to expect from a legitimate eliquid company. This is one eliquid that you will not be able to put down.

Comment down below what you thought of the Phatcurrent by Phat Phog Eliquid.

Phatcurrent by Phat Phog Eliquid
Premium Quality EliquidAuthentic Blackcurrant TasteGreat Branding