Philter Labs Review – How Well Do They Filter Vapor?

Philter Labs Review
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DIY sploofs or handheld smoke filters have been around for decades. It’s usually the first thing that comes to mind when you want to discreetly smoke or vape indoors. A typical homemade sploof is cheap and relatively easy to make. All you need is a toilet paper roll, rubber band, and some dryer sheets.

The problem with sploofs is the fact that they’re not super effective or portable. Dryer sheets are designed to absorb odors, not eliminate them. They also don’t stop the smoke, vapor, or nicotine that comes out the other end. This can still visibly trigger people and even set off smoke detectors.


Lucky there is a better solution. Philter Labs is a USA based company that’s been around since 2015. They’ve successfully developed and patented a nanofiltration technology that destroys secondhand smoke and vapor entirely!

What Is A Vape Filter?

A vape filter is essentially a system of barriers designed to reduce vapor and the smell it produces. But not all vape filters are made the same standard. For example, the Smoke Buddy has been reported to only reduce about 90% of the vapor blown into it.

In comparison, the products manufactured by Philter Labs can breakdown up to 97% of aerosol particles, odors, and toxic pollutants.

What Is A Vape Filter?

How Does A Philter Vaporizer Filter Work?

A Philter vaporizer filter contains a proprietary five-stage system that captures and also eliminates the smoke or vapor you blow into it. This includes,

  1. Emission pre-treatment
  2. Kinetic energy multiplier
  3. Phase transition chamber
  4. Particulate treatment
  5. Odor reduction

How Does A Philter Vaporizer Filter Work?

This new system was developed by Philter Labs in conjunction with the Scientific and Strategic Advisory Board. It consists of two leading toxicologist doctors and various experts in smoke/ecig filter technologies. Philter Labs is also one of the first companies to be EN 1822 tested and certified.

What Is A Philter Pocket?

The Philter Pocket is Philter Labs #1 best selling product. I’ve personally really enjoyed using this device. It surprisingly came in handy more often than I thought it would. I brought it with me to the movies, to the mall, and also used it at work.

It worked just as described and literally no vapor came out the end. I couldn’t smell any scent from the vapor and the device also lasted a long time. The replacement devices looked cool and come in a variety of fun colors. I liked the black one in particular because it was stealthy.

What Is A Philter Pocket?

I can see why it’s their most popular product. The compact design is pocket friendly and it’s extremely affordable. The Philter Labs Pocket retails for just $14.99 USD and is good for 150 exhales. That’s amazing value for money!

It also comes with a comfortable silicone sleeve that slips over all Philter Pockets. This allows you to buy a bunch and just replace it once it’s used up. If you’re still not sold, check out the 100’s of other positive reviews on their website.

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Where Can I Buy A Philter Labs Air Filter?

The best place to get your philter air filter products from is They offer free shipping on orders over $30 USD and your package should arrive within 3 to 7 days. Alternatively, you can check out their store locator to find your closest brick and mortar store.

Where Can I Buy A Philter Labs Air Filter?

I have noticed some Philter Lab products on Amazon. The prices listed are the same as what’s listed on the official website. So I’d really recommend buying direct as it makes any kind of refund, exchange, or warranty process easier. All products bought from the Philter Labs website comes with a 7 day manufacturer defect warranty.

Philter Labs Coupons

Philter Labs coupons are few and far between. I think this is because their products are already amazingly cheap. I did though find a $5 USD off discount code. It’s valid when you spend $30+ USD or more. The coupon code is: HIGH5

Comment down below your experience using a Philter Labs product. Did you love the Philter Pocket as much as I did?

Philter Labs Review
USA Brand
Compact & Lightweight
Works Really Well
Affordable Price