Pink Lemonade Dripper by Element E-Liquids Review

Pink Lemonade Dripper by Element E-Liquids Review
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Pink Lemonade Dripper by Element E-Liquids is made for rebuildable dripping atomizers. The high VG content helps deliver a very sweet, yet tastefully tart flavor profile. It also contains a lower nicotine concentration. As a result, your vapor clouds will be bountiful and extremely dense. The blend is so pure and easily recognizable. Each hit was buttery smooth and so easy to puff on all day long. Also, no need to steep, as it comes ready to vape.

Pink Lemonade is from the Dripper series, manufactured by USA based Element E-Liquids. They’re also well known for producing the popular Vampire Vape range. This includes Pear Drops, which is highly desirable around the world, but especially so in the UK. Only the best quality ingredients have been used and combined within a safe cleanroom facility. Keep reading for a full breakdown of this tasty drink flavor.

Pink Lemonade Dripper by Element Eliquids Ejuice Review


Pink Lemonade Dripper by Element E-Liquids contains lemonade and a mixture of fresh red fruits. On the inhale, you will taste the tangy lemonade flavor. It’s got a nice zing to it, with subtle sour notes throughout. On the hit a sweet and citrus taste is present. I think the mystery red fruits are a combination of strawberries and raspberries. On the exhale, the two primary flavors intertwine, creating a delicious and very palatable vape.

This blend has won many awards including ‘Best Juice Line’ at Vape Jam UK in 2015. I can honestly say it’s one of the best Pink Lemonade eliquids I’ve tasted in a while. The flavor is spot on and tastes just like the real drink. I was pleasantly surprised by how well Element E-Liquids was able to capture this somewhat complex flavor. I would recommend this ejuice to vapers that enjoy real fruit concoctions and drink based fusions.

Pink Lemonade Dripper by Element Eliquids Vape Juice Review


You can pick up a 60ml bottle of Pink Lemonade Dripper by Element E-Liquids for $23.95 USD. I personally think that’s a tad overpriced, but still worth checking out nevertheless. It comes in a handful of different nicotine options that include 0mg, 3mg, and also 6mg. This should cater to most of the vaping community, but it could be advantageous to also offer higher nicotine levels. Make sure you don’t miss out by clicking the ‘buy now’ link below.

Pink Lemonade Dripper by Element E-Liquids USA Review


The packaging for the entire Element E-Liquids range is distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. They originally used to sell Pink Lemonade in a laboratory flask, which was pretty cool. But most recently it comes in either a chubby gorilla bottle or glass dripper. The label is adorned with a periodic themed graphic that’s consistent throughout each Element E-Liquid range. I really like it, but I can see some people disliking the overall plainness.

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Pink Lemonade Dripper by Element E-Liquids
Quality USA Brand
Sweet & Fresh Flavor Profile
Cool Themed Packaging
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