Quit Smoking with Vaping eBook


Have you tried to stop smoking multiple times using conventional quit smoking methods like going cold turkey, behavioral therapy, NRTs, or medication with no success?

Perhaps it’s time to try the easier way to stop smoking.

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Print length: 40 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Adam Fury
Publication date: 05/05/2021
Format: PDF & EPUB

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In recent years vaping has become the preferred quitting method for smokers all over the globe.

Unlike other self-help ebooks like Alan Carr’s ‘The Easy Way To Stop Smoking’, this ebook will help you manage both your mental and physical addiction to cigarettes by vaping.

But isn’t vaping just as bad as smoking? No, it’s actually 95% less harmful than smoking and it’s also one of the most effective ways to quit smoking (43% success rate).

I personally enjoyed the rituals and social aspects of smoking. And I think this is true for many other smokers out there. Vaping allows you to continue this whilst also giving up smoking.

This quit smoking book details everything there is to know about vaping, why it’s the only way to stop smoking permanently, and also where you can get quit smoking support from other vapers.

This includes:

  • #1 Why Is Quitting So Hard? (Physical Addiction, Mental Addiction, Health Problems Caused By Smoking, Why Smoking Cessation Products Don’t Work, and Why Quit With Vaping)
  • #2 What Is A Vape? (What Vape Is Best For Smokers, Where You Can Buy One, How To Use A Vape, How Much Vaping Costs, and Common Side Effects)
  • #3 What Is Vape Juice? (Is It Safe To Inhale, What Is Nicotine, Different Types Of Nicotine, and How To Choose The Right Strength)
  • #4 Quit Smoking Plan (Why You Want To Quit, How To Prepare, Where To Get Support, and Quit Smoking Stories)
  • #5 What To Expect (The First Week, One Month In, How To Manage Withdrawals, How To Deal With Triggers, and What To Do If You Relapse)

If you want to stop smoking now, without sacrificing your lifestyle and wellbeing, give vaping a try. It’s by far the best way to quit smoking for good.

6 reviews for Quit Smoking with Vaping eBook

  1. Katy Fabel

    I’ve been smoking heavily for fifteen years and nothing has worked to help me quit. I never thought much of vaping – honestly, I thought it was some millennial thing. But I took a chance on this book and was pleasantly surprised to find it is both well-researched and written in a friendly voice that isn’t fake or talking down to you like other quitting books.

    With the help of this book and it’s well-researched advice on the advantages of vaping – as well as the right vaping choices to make – I’ve made the switch and I’m already two weeks off the cigs! I absolutely recommend this book. It’s friendly, well-written, authoritative, well-researched, and will definitely change your mind on vaping, no matter how old and stubborn you are. I can tell you I am never switching back to the cigs and I feel like I’m closer than I ever have been in my life to quitting!

  2. Jenna Petran

    I found myself reaching for this book when my cigarette cravings started kicking in. I love the way the book is written and its easy to get hooked.

  3. Soy Pablo

    It was a hell of a book! 5 stars

  4. Tj

    Super informative read for new vapers and veteran vapers alike. 5 stars.

  5. KJ (verified owner)

    This e-book has helped me so much! Really informative and well written with easy to follow steps to quit smoking and replace cigarettes with a far healthier alternative. Will be buying a copy for my friends. Highly recommended!

  6. Rachael

    I always struggled to give up the cigarettes, but after reading this book, I feel now I’m more knowledged and ready to make the right switch. This book is easy to read with helpful guides and tips.

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