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Rainbow Candy by Desu Eliquid, often referred to as ‘Skittz’, is a Skittles inspired ejuice blend that will have you tasting the rainbow. Desu Eliquid manufacturers and distributes their tasty ejuices from Las Vegas, USA. This includes great flavors like Mixed Berries. You may notice their company name and branding draws upon futuristic Japanese culture. I personally think this is pretty cool.

Rainbow Candy is a premium vape juice that won’t gunk up your wicks as other eliquids might. No need to steep either, just crack the bottle open and start vaping. The hits are noticeably smooth and I didn’t experience any kind of dry mouth or bad aftertastes.

Rainbow Candy by Desu Ejuice Review


The main flavor profile in Rainbow Candy by Desu Eliquid is Skittles. This sweet and tangy mixture is perfect for any candy lover looking to vape on a classic confectionery treat. On the inhale I experienced a bold orange and cherry flavor. As my mouth began to salivate, a second wind of banana and lime flavors came into play. I feel this ejuice is an ideal all day, everyday vape, because of how sweet it is.

Rainbow Candy by Desu Vape Juice Review


You can pick up a 60ml bottle of Candy Rainbow by Desu Eliquid for around $18 USD. I feel this price is super affordable in comparison to similar brands currently on the market. Rainbow Candy is available with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. The ratio is 70VG/30PG.

Rainbow Candy by Desu Eliquid USA Review


I quite like the Desu Eliquid label design. The futuristic teal blue and purple color scheme contrast well. The Desu Eliquid logo looks almost holographic, which attracts the eye. As you move the bottle back in forth in your hand the colors sparkle, creating an aesthetically pleasing artwork. The high-quality chubby bottle features various warnings, ingredients, and measurements. It’s convenient and easy to use.

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Rainbow Candy by Desu Eliquid
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