Rich Tobacco by Vape Craft Eliquid Review

Rich Tobacco by Vape Craft Eliquid Review


Rich Tobacco by Vape Craft Eliquid is the perfect flavor for transitioning smokers. The familiar taste of tobacco is spot on and has been expertly put together by the team at Vape Craft. Rich Tobacco is manufactured in the USA and enjoyed all over the globe. Vape Craft produces a wide variety of affordable eliquids for all types of vapers. Some of their other top-selling juices include French Vanilla Cheesecake and also Blueberry Custard.

Vape Craft established itself in 2013. They’ve been around long enough to boast an extensive back catalog. It consists of their house brand eliquid, hardware, and also accessories. Each bottle produced by Vape Craft contains a 70VG/30PG ratio. This results in a decent amount of vapor production and also great tasting flavor. Rich Tobacco ( among other flavors ) has been submitted for a PMTA. This will ensure only the best quality eliquid will continue being sold in the USA legally.

Rich Tobacco by Vape Craft Ejuice Review


The flavor profiles for Rich Tobacco by Vape Craft Eliquid include crisp tobacco leaves and also creamy caramel. On the inhale, you’ll experience a subtly sweet caramel flavor that intertwines with the tobacco concentrate. It’s relatively light until the hit. On the exhale, you’ll taste a bold tobacco flavor. It’s smokey, bitter, and also surprisingly authentic.

Contrary to what many people may think, the humble tobacco flavor is quite hard to achieve in eliquid form. It’s usually too sugary and also doesn’t really capture that pure tobacco leaf bite. Hats off to the juice chefs at Vape Craft. They’ve really nailed this one on the head. I would highly recommend this particular flavor to any smoker during their transition over to vaping. Furthermore, a familiar taste should make it just that much easier to give cigs the flick.

Rich Tobacco by Vape Craft Juice USA Review


Rich Tobacco by Vape Craft Eliquid is stocked by lots of popular online vendors. I would recommend purchasing it via the official Vape Craft website to get the best possible price. They retail a 30ml bottle for $5.95 USD and also a larger 120ml bottle for $15 USD. That’s really cheap and highly affordable for any transitioning smoker or budget conscious vaper to try. A vast array of nicotine levels are also readily available. This includes 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.


Rich Tobacco by Vape Craft Eliquid comes packaged in a good quality chubby gorilla bottle. I found it pretty easy to squeeze and experinced no leaks whatsoever. The label design features a black and white color scheme. It’s mature and appeals to an adult audience. Every flavor from Vape Craft features a similar label. I would have liked some variation in the design, but that’s only a small nitpick. Nevertheless, everything is clearly printed and legible. It contains all the usual information you might require such as ml, mg, and also flavor.

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Rich Tobacco by Vape Craft Eliquid Review
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