The Rincoe Manto is a super stylish and user friendly box mod. The most notable feature has to be the 00.02 second fire rate. I feel as though this is pretty accurate and have been very pleased at the consistent ramp up speed. The 510 connection can accommodate an atomizer up to 25 mm comfortably. Any bigger though and you can expect some overhang. The Manto can be used in standard wattage mode, all the way down to 0.08 ohms or temperature control mode. The round robin feature makes it easy to increase or decrease your watts/temperature as needed.
Rincoe Manto 228W TC Vape Box Mod Review

The fire button is used to control most of the settings on this device. This sometimes be troublesome if you don’t click it fast enough. As a result you could possibly burn your coils by accident. I did notice that my tank didn’t get very hot with frequent use, which is good. You can find on the bottom that they have incorporated battery venting and the slots are clearly labeled for the positive and negative ends. The battery door is held in place by three small, but strong magnets. You’ll be pleased to hear that their is no rattle whatsoever.

The mod feels great in hand due to its smooth ergonomic edges and roundish body design. I would recommend taking care when placing it though, as it can knock over quite easily. The huge 2 inch, full faced OLED screen is vivid and looks great. Inside the settings you can find a place to customize the color scheme. I thought this particular feature was pretty cool.

Rincoe Manto 228 Watt TC Box Mod Review


You can expect to pay around $58.99 USD for a Rincoe Manto 228W TC Box Mod. I feel as though this is a tad expensive. I would be happy to pay $50-$55 USD. So if you can find it on sale, I would recommend you pick one up. Overall it is a good little mod that looks great and also functions well. Furthermore it’s got some weight to it, so it doesn’t feel cheap.

Rincoe Manto 228W Temperature Control Box Mod Review


The Rincoe Manto comes in a small matte black box. On the front you will find a voguish photo of the mod, and on the back is a list of the contents. The packaging is aesthetic pleasing to the eye and suits the overall luxury feel. The manual inside is detailed and contains pictured instructions. One thing I did notice was that the packaging is able to be fully recycled. This is great to see, especially from a Chinese manufacturer, hence a higher rating.

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Rincoe Manto 228W TC Box Mod
Very Quick Fire RateGreat Feel & Weight To The DeviceBeautiful Presentation
Fire Button Controls Most Setting Options

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