Ripple by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid Review
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Ripple by The Chocolatier Vape Co is a full-flavored eliquid that will have you constantly licking your lips. This multiplex ejuice is expertly crafted by popular Australian vendor, Vape Vault. They’re known for stocking great local vape juice and also retailing their very own subscription box. The Chocolatier Vape Co. is one of the few chocolate juices that taste delicious and also just like the real thing.

Other great blends that you need to try from this line include Orange Creme. No steeping required because Ripple is conveniently ready to vape. I experienced no chemical flavors or unsavory hits whilst enjoying. It’s only available with 0mg, as per Australian law. If you do want to add your own nicotine, I would recommend leaving it to blend for a week or so. Keep reading for a breakdown of this amazing flavor!


The flavor profiles include butterscotch toffee ice cream, vanilla cream, milk chocolate, wafer cone, and biscuit crumbs. On the inhale, you will experience the butterscotch and toffee. They blend together really well and are relatively light. The hit is authenticly sweet. On the exhale the vanilla cream is dominant, with subtle hints of wafer cone and also biscuit crumbs. Throughout the vape, you will taste a chocolate undertone that’s very milky.

Ripple by The Chocolatier Vape Co. is a super complex eliquid that gets everything right. The layering of each concentrate is perfect. It boggles my mind how this type of flavor is even possible. Kudos to Rob the chef from Vape Vault. I can highly recommend this ejuice to any vaper, even if you don’t like dessert vapes. The sheer genius is undeniable. Furthermore, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that wouldn’t enjoy this mix.

Ripple by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Vape Juice Review


Ripple by The Chocolatier Vape Co. is available to buy from Vape Vault for $35 AUD. It’s also stocked on Vapour Eyes, Vapr, and Vaped Out. I think the asking price is fair and well worth a purchase in comparison to similar Australian eliquids. The 100ml bottle offers great value for money and also is extremely budget-friendly. I would love to see some 30ml and 60ml size varieties available for people to try, before investing in a large 100ml bottle.

Ripple by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid Australian Review


I’m quite fond of the packaging design style for this line. It suites the chocolate theme well and also gives off a Darrell Lea vibe. The luxurious visual is however not complemented by the choice of label material and print quality. This is only a small criticism that ultimately means nothing since the flavor profile is so divine. The chubby gorilla container has a nice tip that makes filling or dripping an easy task.

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Ripple by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid
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