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The Serpent Elevate by Wotofo x Suck My Mod is a postless single coil RTA featuring a new unique top airflow system. The latest edition to the serpent line from Wotofo sees Matt from SMM back again in collaboration. This 24mm RTA can hold 3.5ml with the standard straight tube or 4.5ml with the bubble tube. The Serpent Elevate comes in a variety of colors including black, rainbow, blue, gunmetal, gold and SS.

I personally put the ‘leak-free’ claim by Wotofo to the test and was pleasantly surprised. I experienced little to no leaking from the Serpent Elevate. This is largely due to changing the design from bottom to top airflow. It also helps that the RTA is made up of two self contained parts.

Serpent Elevate 24mm Single Coil RTA by Wotofo x Suck My Mod Review

The build deck is quite tall in comparison to similar RTA’s. It’s relatively easy to build on but the wicking can be challenging. You have to make sure to have just enough wick to reach into the juice well, but not too much to clog it up. The airflow is smooth and consistent. This is because of two large inlet holes which allow air to travel down the wall of the vaporizer and then up through the coil itself.

The flavor is ok for an RTA, similar to that of a sub-ohm tank. The convenience of not having to constantly drip or squonk is a positive. I would recommend the Serpent Elevate to semi-advanced vapers that enjoy using RTA’s. If your more of a flavor chaser like me then the Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA would be my recommendation.

Serpent Elevate 24mm RTA by Wotofo x SMM Review


You can purchase the Serpent Elevate RTA for around $35 USD. Taking into consideration the premium manufacturing and engineering done by Wotofo, I think this is a more than fair price. It’s also very competitively priced in contrast to similar RTA’s on the vaping market.

Serpent Elevate 3.5ml 24mm RTA by Wotofo x Suck My Mod Review


While some other reviewers may disagree, I personally liked the various Serpent graphics and engravings. It really gives this RTA its own identity and makes it more recognizable in a saturated market of ‘clones’. While some of the colors and finishes are questionable, I think overall the RTA looks good.

The packaging is very Wotofo. The fluro green and black color scheme, combined with the iconic Wotofo typography is familiar and welcoming. Inside your box you will find your Serpent Elevate RTA, bubble glass, extra drip tip, 510 adapter, 2 x clapton coils, 2 x cotton strips, coil trimming tools, o-ring spares and user manual.

The presentation and quality of everything in the package is exquisite. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a world class vaping brand like Wotofo.

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Serpent Elevate 24mm RTA by Wotofo x Suck My Mod
Great Presentation & QualityGood AirflowNo LeaksEasy To Build On
Wicking Is Challenging