Six ‘n’ Out by Bogan Brews Salt Eliquid is a tasty fruit concoction made by your favorite Australian YouTube vape reviewer; Sam the Vaping Bogan. It boasts the same great flavor profile that the original possessed but now with added nicotine salt. This is great for new vapers that are looking to ditch the stinkies because it more closely replicates the sensation of smoking. This includes a quicker hit and smoother drag.

Nic Salt is very potent and as a result, you only need a small amount. That’s why it’s only bottled in 30ml batches. Six ‘n’ Out by Bogan Brews Salt is available in two different nicotine levels which include 20mg and 35mg. The ratio is mixed at 50VG/50PG. This provides equally good flavor and cloudage. I would recommend leaving this eliquid to steep for a few days. Furthermore, it would be best to vape this type of ejuice in a pod device.

Six 'n' Out by Bogan Brews Salt Ejuice Review


The main flavor concentrates in Six ‘n’ Out by Bogan Brews Salt Eliquid are lychees and blackcurrants. On the inhale, you will experience the citrusy like goodness from the lychee fruit. It tastes dead set like the real thing, rose water and all. On the exhale you’re treated to a sweet and fresh blackcurrant flavor. The two flavor profiles work surprisingly well together. The overall vape is fresh and light. I could easily vape on it all day long.

Each and every unique blend from the Bogan Brews range is top shelf. This includes the various vaping devices that he’s collaborated on. Sam is known to only put his name on quality products and it shows. I would happily recommend Six ‘n’ Out by Bogan Brews Salt Eliquid to any and every vaper. In particular, fruit fans and naturally sweet conisors will love it.

Six 'n' Out by Bogan Brews Salt Vape Juice Review


Six ‘n’ Out by Bogan Brews Salt Eliquid is available to buy from a handful of trusted Australian vendors. This includes Vapoureyes and Wick and Wire Co. You can expect to pay roughly $33 AUD. I think this is damn cheap and well worth a purchase. Due to Australian law, you legally can’t purchase vape juice with any sort of nicotine inside. So make sure to shop on either websites NZ equivalent.

Six 'n' Out by Bogan Brews Salt Eliquid Australian Review


The packaging design features the iconic Vaping Bogan skull/bones logo front and center. The rest of the artwork utilizes white space to give the content emphasis. All the information is legible and also easily distinguishable. I would have liked some color variation between each flavor type, but that’s just nitpicking. The chubby gorilla style bottle is easy to squeeze and features a needle-thin tip for no-mess application.

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Six 'n' Out by Bogan Brews Salt Eliquid
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