Skir Skirrr On Ice by Ruthless Vape Juice Review

Skir Skirrr On Ice by Ruthless Vape Juice Review
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Skir Skirrr On Ice by Ruthless Vape Juice is perfection in a glass bottle. It is my new all day vape that I can’t seem to put down. Ruthless are a well know ejuice manufacturer based in Southern California, USA. They pride themselves on producing mouth watering flavors like Strizzy and Tropic Thunda, to name a few. This time round we are reviewing ‘Skir Skirrr’ which was released mid 2018. This apple, melon and menthol vape juice is sure to please the masses as their previous line has.


As desribed on the Ruthless Ejuice website Skir Skirrr’s main flavors include crisp apples, juicy honeydew melon and refreshing menthol. On the inhale the perfect combination of fruits and menthol will smack the back of your throat. This ejuice defiantly packs a punch. On the exhale the cooling melon flavor is everlasting.

Ruthless have done a fantastic job putting these fun flavors together in a neat little package. The overall taste if I had to compare it to another eliquid would be Tortoise Blood on Ice by Shijin, which I also loved too pieces. I can highly recommend you check this ejuice out, no matter your flavor preference.

Skir Skirrr On Ice by Ruthless Eliquid Review


You can pick up 60ml of Skir Skirrr for $21.99 USD or 120ml for $37.99 USD. All of Ruthless ejuice are available with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. I think the prices are pretty fair for such an amazing vape juice.


Skir Skirrr comes in a glass dripper bottle. The dropper wasn’t as skinny as I hoped. It can get a bit messy if you are a tank vaper like me. The label design is pretty standard across the entire Ruthless range. The bottles usually feature their iconic script logo with a ring of color indicating the type of flavor inside. The shiny sticker is a nice touch and makes the overall design eye catching.

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Skir Skirrr On Ice by Ruthless Vape Juice
Fantastic, Strong Flavor
Premium Manufacturer
Nice Label Design
Not A Big Fan Of Glass Bottles