Slab by The Chocolatier Vape Co is a deliciously exquisite chocolate and roasted peanut flavored eliquid. It contains only the best ingredients and authentic tasting concentrates. Slab is manufactured by a company called Vape Vault, which is based out of sunny Queensland, Australia. It’s one of many chocolate-themed flavors to be released by Vape Vault in 2019. This includes Orange Creme, Ripple, and also S’mores.

Each flavor is conveniently pre-steeped and comes ready to vape. The 70VG/30PG ratio means you will experience smooth pulls and also lots of flavor-filled clouds. I didn’t encounter any weird aftertaste or chemical undertones whilst enjoying. Make sure to keep reading for a full breakdown of this fantastic chocolate flavor profile and if I would recommend it or not.

Slab by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid Review


The primary flavor profiles that you can find in Slab are peanuts and also chocolate. On the inhale, you will taste a creamy and rich chocolate flavor. It starts off relatively light but develops into a bold and very milky hit. On the exhale, you will experience the roasted peanuts. The flavor is subtle and so enjoyable. It will leave a nice bitterness on your palate after each puff. Furthermore, this complements the milk chocolate flavor greatly.

Even though Slab is one of the more simplistic blends from this line, I thoroughly enjoyed vaping on it. It’s the perfect eliquid to vape on with a hot drink or after a cold dessert. Rob from Vape Vault really knows how to make a good chocolate flavored ejuice. The quality of this blend is superb and the layering has been expertly executed. I would happily recommend Slab to dessert lovers and also sweet tooth vapers.

Slab by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Vape Juice Review


Slab by The Chocolatier Vape Co is available to buy direct from Vape Vault for $35 AUD. This will get you 100ml worth of eliquid. I personally would have liked some smaller quantity options, but in general, you do save some cash when purchasing larger sized bottles. Overall I feel the asking price is fair and well worth a purchase. It’s rare to find an Australian chocolate-flavored vape juice this good!

Slab by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid Australian Review


The packaging artwork is classy and also fits the chocolate theme well. The color choices are spot on and provide a clear indication as to what flavor you can find inside. I only had one small gripe with the label. The sticker material felt cheap and the printing was blurry. Ultimately though this doesn’t affect the great taste. The container is a standard chubby gorilla bottle. The thin tip made it super easy to drip and also fill my tank.

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Slab by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid
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Average Label MaterialBlurry Print