SlushMe Green is a crisp lime and candy-flavored slushie eliquid, that’s great to vape on during a hot Australian day. This ejuice is one of four tasty blends from the SlushMe range that includes SlushMe Red and also SlushMe Purple. SlushMe is a collaboration project between Adelaide based DIY mixer Big Boy Cloudz and popular Aussie product reviewer Vapers Garage.

The concentrates used in each mix are of high quality. As a result, the flavor profiles so far have been superb and very authentic. The ratio is mixed at 70VG/30PG. This means you can expect lots of clouds, a good throat hit and also overall decent flavor. I experienced no chemical undertones or rough puffs. Each draw was super smooth and tasty. Keep reading for a detailed flavor profile of SlushMe Green.

SlushMe Green Ejuice Review


The main flavors in SlushMe Green are fresh limes and icy cool menthol. On the inhale, you will taste a bold lime and menthol flavor. It starts fresh but slowly turns sweet and almost candy-like. It tastes so similar to Cottee’s Coola Lime cordial. Tart and sour undertones complement the blend on the exhale. It will leave a nice sugary mint flavor on your palate that almost encourages you to take another drag.

SlushMe Green is unlike any other eliquid I have ever vaped on before. The unique flavor is highly addictive and something I would encourage any vaper to try. I’ve had this ejuice in my daily rotation for a few weeks now and in all honesty, I’m absolutely loving it! I would recommend SlushMe Green to menthol connoisseurs and candied fruit lovers. If you’re on the market for something different, then this is the vape juice to try.


SlushMe Green is available to buy from various online vendors. This includes Vape 4 Life, Aussie Vape Stores, and also D&R Vape. You’re looking at roughly $24.95 AUD for a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle. I think that’s an excellent asking price and very fair compared to similar quality Australian eliquids. Make sure to click the link below to get the best possible price.


I think the packaging for the entire SlushMe line is really good. Each bottle design is relatively simple but extremely effective. It features a nice colored background that represents the flavor inside. Furthermore, a large logo appears on the front face that’s easily recognizable. The graphics are printed on nice thick label stock which adds a premium feel to this product.

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SlushMe Green Eliquid
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