SlushMe Purple Eliquid Review


SlushMe Purple is a refreshing blackcurrant and grape flavored slushie eliquid, that’s perfect to vape on during a hot summers day. This ejuice is manufactured by the team at Big Boy Cloudz, who is based in Adelaide, South Australia. They’re well known for mixing some of Australia’s most popular and also best tasting vape juices. This eliquid line is made in collaboration with a proficient vape review website called Vapers Garage.

SlushMe Purple Eliquid has a 70VG/30PG ratio, which is great for flavorsome clouds. I experienced no bad hits or chemical undertones whilst enjoying. The concentrates provide a fantastic flavor profile that tastes authentic and high quality. It comes conveniently pre-steeped and ready to vape. So all you need to do is add your desired nicotine and start vaping. Keep reading for my thoughts on this flavor and also if I would recommend it or not.

SlushMe Purple Ejuice Review


SlushMe Purple is a menthol based ejuice that also contains black currant and grape flavored concentrates. On the inhale, you are treated to an icy cool candied grape flavor, that’s both sweet and very satisfying! The black currant works as a supplementary flavor, adding a nice syrup-like profile. On the exhale, you will experience a slightly bitter and tart grape flavor that’s also sugary.

I felt the overall mix tasted very similar to Hubba Bubba groovy grape. Even though the flavor is predominantly candy flavored, my cotton held up well. I was able to get a week or so out of it before having to re-wick. This usually means there are minimal sweeteners and artificial flavors used. I would happily recommend this vape juice to sweet tooths, menthol addicts, and also fruit lovers.


SlushMe Purple Eliquid is currently retailing in Australia for $24.95 AUD. This will get you a 60ml ready to vape bottle. I think that’s bang on the money and well worth checking out. You’d be hard-pressed to find a similar blend made in Australia for the same asking price. Make sure to click the ‘buy now’ link below for the cheapest available stock. Quickly pick up a few bottles before they sell out due to the limited run.

SlushMe Purple Eliquid Australian Review


The packaging design for SlushMe is simple but effective. Each label is colour coded depending on the flavor inside. The bold font choice and various graphics are coherent with the overall branding. All the usual required information is listed and legible. The sticker stock looks and feels premium. The presentation is really nice and it tells a visual story to the consumer effectively.

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SlushMe Purple Eliquid
Unique Flavor Profile
Easy To Vape On All Day
Superb Layering & Flavor Combination
Competitively Priced