The SMOK NORD 2 40W Pod System is the latest upgrade to the top-selling and very well-liked original rendition. This brand new 2020 model introduces a wide range of improvements that include a larger battery, increased eliquid capacity, and higher wattage output. It also boasts a side display screen and some really nice stabwood style panels. If you were a fan of the first SMOK NORD device, then make sure to check this one out.

SMOK is a well known and established vape manufacturer. Since 2010 SMOK has released a huge number of popular products that include coils, tanks, pods, mods, and also starter kits. The reason SMOK has been so successful is its continual innovation within the market. This is all thanks to on-going research, development, and community involvement. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the SMOK NORD 2 40W Pod System.

SMOK NORD 2 40W Pod Starter Kit Review


The SMOK NORD 2 40W Pod System is slightly thicker and taller than the previous rendition but still feels relatively the same in hand. It measures 95mm’s by 30.5mm’s by 20mm’s and weighs just 79 grams. The chassis is made from strong Zinc-Alloy and is available in a wide variety of colors. My personal favorite is the stabwood style. Please be aware that this device is not actually made from stabilized wood and that it’s just a pattern.

The SMOK NORD 2 Pod features a powerful 1500mAh battery that can be easily recharged. It can output 1 to 40 watts, which is made possible by the upgraded chipset. A new addition to the SMOK NORD 2 is a side-mounted 0.69″ OLED display screen. It looks super cool but I do have some suggestions to improve it. The charge indicator should visually decrease as the battery drains, instead of just displaying a percentage.

SMOK NORD 2 40W 1500mAh Pod Review

Another small niggle I had was with the fire button. It acts as your menu button and adjustment buttons. While this simplistic approach works, it’s not the most intuitive. You need to first click it three times to change your power. You then need to click or hold it to adjust your wattage. This obviously isn’t a major problem because most vapers set and forget. It was just cumbersome to do and I felt like there was room to add extra buttons.

What makes the SMOK NORD 2 40W Pod System really special is the flavor and clouds. Both the 0.40ohm RPM mesh and 0.8ohm Nord DC MTL coil heads performed superbly. Furthermore, the taste was so dense and saturated. Any coil from the NORD or RPM line is supported depending on which cartridge you use. Both cartridges can hold an impressive 4.5ml of eliquid.


The SMOK NORD 2 40W Pod System is currently available to buy right now. It’s retailing for $29.95 USD from EightVape or $39.95 AUD from Vaporfi. I think that’s a really good deal! Even though I had a few niggles with it, overall this device is awesome and well worth a purchase. Make sure to suss out those stabwood variations soon before they all sell out.


You can get your SMOK NORD 2 40W Pod System in a vast range of colors and patterns. This includes red, black, rainbow, gold, white, paint splatter, resin, black stabwood, and also red stabwood. The packaging is modern and well presented. I think SMOK have finally nailed their branding. Inside you’ll find your Nord 2 device, 2 x cartridges, 2 x coils, MicroUSB cable, and also a user manual.

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SMOK NORD 2 40W Pod System
Beautiful Design & Ergonomic BodyFantastic Flavor & CloudsLarge Eliquid CapacityLonger Lasting BatteryHigh Wattage Output
Battery Percentage Instead Of Visual RepresentationNot The Most Intuitive Adjustment & Menu Navigation

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