SMOK Nord 4 Review

SMOK Nord 4 80W Pod System Review
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The SMOK Nord 4 80W Pod System is the latest and greatest Nord device ever released in 2021! It boasts a longer-lasting battery, additional power output, and fully adjustable airflow. This extremely successful line was established way back in 2019. The original Nord had a 1100mAh battery and could only output 15 watts. How does this new rendition compare to its predecessors? Keep reading to find out.

SMOK is one of the biggest vape manufacturers in existence. The company was formed nearly a decade ago and they specialize in beginner style vapes. Because SMOK has been around for such a long time, they boast a massive back catalog of mods, pods, sub-ohm tanks, and coils. This includes the best selling Nord 2 and Nord X pod systems. In recent times SMOK joined forces with Wotofo and OFRF to further expand their dominance in the vape market.

SMOK Nord 4 80W Pod Starter Kit Review


The SMOK Nord 4 80W Pod is slightly taller and wider than previous models. It measures 104.9mm’s by 33.7mm’s by 24.4mm’s. When compared to other pod systems, it’s still relatively compact. Furthermore, the main chassis is made from lightweight and durable zinc-alloy. The IP67 rating didn’t make a comeback this time around. I honestly think it was a bit overrated. It also means your device can stand upright without falling over.

The SMOK Nord 4 80W Pod features a 2000mAh internal battery. This is an extra 500mAh versus the Nord X. It can be easily and quickly recharged via the modern USB-C port. The Nord 4 also boasts an additional 20 watts of power! It can now output between 5 and 80 watts. Unforently, the current lineup of RPM and RPM2 coils max out at 40 watts. Hopefully, we’ll see some higher rated coils released in the future.

SMOK Nord 4 80W 2000mAh Pod System Review

The SMOK Nord 4 80W Pod comes with two cartridges that can both hold 4.5ml of eliquid. This is slightly less than the 6ml capacity of the Nord X. In reality though, that was a touch excessive. The Nord 4 cartridges should get most vapers throughout the day. Each cartridge is clearly labeled RPM or RPM2. It also boasts a convenient pull arrow indicator. The flavor and cloud production is just as good, if not better than all the other Nord devices.

The SMOK Nord 4 80W Pod features dual airflow controls on either side of the device. This allowed me to really dial down the airflow to my preferred tastes. It made a huge difference in flavor! The mouthpiece hole is also a bit smaller which helps focus the vapor and aid in flavor saturation. It effortlessly delivers, in my opinion, the perfect restrictive DTL pull.

SMOK Nord 4 80W 4.5ml Vape Pod USA Review


The SMOK Nord 4 80W Pod is available to buy right now. The best price I could find online was $39.99 USD from VaporDNA. I think that’s a tad expensive considering it doesn’t have the extra IP67 material cost attached to it. I’d like to see it come down by $5 to $10 to really feel affordable. Overall though this is my favorite Nord device released so far by SMOK. I would highly recommend any Nord fan to purchase one. It’s great for new and old vapers alike.


The SMOK Nord 4 80W Pod comes in a large variety of color combinations and also boasts a leather series. I love the new fluid color options. Even the rainbow version looks surprisingly good. The packaging is modern and professionally presented. Inside you’ll find your Nord 4 80W Pod, 2 x cartridges, 2 x coils, USB-C charging cable, and also a user manual.

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SMOK Nord 4 Review
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