The SMOK Nord Portable Starter Kit is the successor to the widely popular SMOK Novo vape pod. It features double the battery power, more ejuice capacity and improved custom mesh coils. Sitting at 94mm in height by 30mm in width, the SMOK Nord pod fits perfectly in hand. It also weighs just 80 grams, meaning it’s the perfect vape pod to take out while on the go.

SMOK Nord Vape Starter Kit Review


The internal 1100 mAh cell provides great battery life. On average, I can get a whole day worth of vaping out of the SMOK Nord before having to recharge. This device can output from 10 to 15 watts. In reality, though, it feels much more than that. This is because the SMOK Nord utilizes the batteries full capacity and outputs between 3.3 to 4.2 volts. Overall, I was very impressed with the power and cloud production.

The new custom made replaceable Nord coils produce some really good flavor and clouds. This seems to be the norm for most SMOK products. They make vapor production easy. The firing mechanism is a little dated, utilizing a button fire over a much more modern breath activated system. The LED light displays how much battery is left or notify you when the device is on or off.

SMOK NORD Pod Starter Kit Review


You can pick up your own SMOK Nord Portable Starter Kit for $21.95 USD, £24.99 GBP or $36.89 AUD. This is amazing value for money! Most other pod systems are twice that price. I would highly recommend you pick one up, even with its minimal flaws, the SMOK Nord is still a powerful and pleasing pod vape.

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Your SMOK Nord Portable Starter Kit will be packaged in a stylish and modern box. The design is very SMOK, as most vapers have come to expect. The blacks, reds, and whites work well together. Inside you’ll find your Nord Pod System, two different types of coils including a 0.6ohm mesh coil, and also a 1.0ohm ceramic coil. I highly recommend you use the mesh coil, as they will always produce the best flavor.

The plastic mouthpiece is a bit uncomfortable but funnels the vapor produced superbly. The cobra print on both panels look fantastic and ties in well with the SMOK brand. They now also offer very sool carbon colors. The Nord vape pod is available in a huge array of colors including black, rainbow, gold, red, white and black.

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SMOK Nord Portable Starter Kit
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