SMOK Resa Stick Starter Kit Review

SMOK Resa Stick Starter Kit Review
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The SMOK Resa Stick is hands down one of the best vape pens I have used recently. It feels great in hand and not too heavy. The body has been made from stainless steel. The TFV12 Resa Prince that comes with this kit is one hell of a sub-ohm tank. The bubble glass can hold upwards of 7.5ml of ejuice, which is amazing!

The built in battery can output between 3.4 to 4.2 volts and lasts a very long time. I can almost go 2 days of normal use without needing to recharge. The clouds produced are dense and bountiful. Something most people come to expect from a SMOK product.

SMOK Resa Vape Stick Starter Kit Review


The SMOK Resa Stick Starter Kit is going to cost you around $30 USD or $59 AUD. I think this is a fair price for any good vape pen, especially from a premium retailer like SMOK. I would recommend this kit to anyone including new people to vaping as the SMOK Resa is fairly easy to use and experienced vapers looking for a reliable, good quality stick to vape on.

SMOK Resa Vape Pen Starter Kit Review


As you would expect with any SMOK product the packaging is nothing fancy. The contents inside though is a different story. Within the box you will find two coils. The 0.15ohm V8 Baby Mesh Coil which is fantastic for flavor as the mesh allows for more surface area to be covered. Also the 0.25ohm V8 Baby M2 Dual Coil which is your run of the mill coil. It also comes with misc spare parts, some extra o rings, USB charging cable and the usual vape paraphernalia. Nothing special sticks out to me about the packaging. But it doesn’t really matter too much.

SMOK Resa Stick TFV12 Resa Prince Sub-Ohm Tank Starter Kit Review

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SMOK Resa Stick Starter Kit
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