The SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit is a reliable and relatively inexpensive vape pen worth checking out if you’re new to vaping. It boasts a high power internal battery, large eliquid capacity, and SMOK’s patented fill locking system that prevents leaks. If you’re seeking a simple to use vape that’s stylish and also long-lasting, the SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit could be the device for you.

SMOK was first established in 2010 and reside in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, China. They’re one of the oldest manufacturers still actively releasing vaping products in 2020. SMOK is known for its extensive research and innovation within the industry. This includes being one of the first companies to release a dual-coil atomizer. Their latest product release was the well-received SMOK NORD 2.

SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen & TFV12 Review

Vape Pen

The SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen is thin and sleek. It measures 24.5mm’s in diameter by 85mm’s in height. As a result, it easily fits into your pocket for convenient vaping while on the go. It also boasts a premium zinc alloy chassis that in my experience can withstand small accidentally drops and bumps. The cylindrical shape is relatively ergonomic and will sit comfortably in either hand.

The internal 3000mAh battery can output an impressive 80 to 100 watts. This is more than enough to power for your TFV12 Sub-Ohm Tank that accompanies this starter kit. With moderate usage, most vapers should get a full day worth of vaping out of this device before having to recharge. Furthermore, you can easily check how much battery you have remaining by looking at the uniquely colored LED light on the fire button.

SMOK Stick Prince 3000mAh Stick & 8ml Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Sub-Ohm Tank

The TFV12 Sub-Ohm Tank can accommodate 5ml of eliquid with the straight tube and also a whopping 8ml with the bubble glass. Both tubes are made from high grade reinforced glass. It features a dual adjustable airflow control and a really nice cobra style drip tip. The secure lock button is also back and it works a charm. I didn’t experience any leaks at all. To fill, just press the button on the top cap to release the locking mechanism.


The SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit is currently available for the low price of $28.99 USD, £33.99 GBP or $56.69 AUD. I think this is fair and well worth a look. If you’re new to vaping and also don’t know where to begin, this is the perfect device combo for you. No need to worry about external batteries, coils or tanks. Furthermore, everything you need apart from eliquid comes in this kit.


The SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit is available in tons of different colors and designs. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that’s right for you. The packaging is really nice. The black and red color scheme works well together. It also features a beautiful photo of the device. Inside you’ll find your Stick Prince battery, TFV12 Prince tank, 2 x coils, MicroUSB cable, spare parts, and also an instruction manual.

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