Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour By Apollo Vapes is a delicious fruit eliquid manufactured in the sunny state of California, USA. Apollo Ecigs only use the finest ingredients in all of their eliquids. Each bottle is expertly crafted by a highly knowledgeable team of mixologists. Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour іѕ а mах 80VG/20PG blend. This guarantees smooth and also satisfyingly thick clouds, that are packed full of flavor.

I would recommend letting this ejuice steep for a few days or so. This allows the chemicals to bond and settle. I experienced no throat burn or bad aftertastes whilst vaping. I tested this vape juice in multiple different atomizers and they all seemed to produce a similar result. Though I will note different wattage settings may affect the overall flavor.

Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour By Apollo Vapes Ejuice Review


If you like full on fruit-flavored eliquids, then Wondermelon Berry Sour by Apollo Vapes is right up your alley. On the inhale, you will experience a mouthwatering blend of the fresh watermelon and strawberries. On the exhale, you will taste a tart cantaloupe flavor. It’s not overpowering and instead works hand in hand with the other flavor profiles in a complimentary way.

Each individual flavor is easily identifiable. This indicates to me that this is a top shelf product. I found the watermelon flavor tasted better as I increased my wattage. This is a little unusual, but much appreciated. I would be happy to recommend this ejuice to fruit lovers and sweet tooth’s. It works superbly as an all day vape.

Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour By Apollo Vapes Vape Juice Review


Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour is available to purchase from the official Apollo Vapes website for $21.95 USD. This will get you a 60ml unicorn bottle. It’s also available in different nicotine levels that include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Other excellent flavors from the Smoozie line include Maui Waui, Strawberries Gone Wild and also Awesome Apple Sour.

Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour By Apollo Vapes Eliquid USA Review


The bottle that your eliquid comes in features a see-through label design. It’s so simple and uncluttered. On the front face is the Smoozie logo, ejuice name and also flavor profile. I like the fact that you can easily see how much eliquid is left in the bottle. You can also preview the quality of the bottle contents.

The cap is your standard childproof topper. Safety warnings can be viewed on the back. The only thing not printed is the VG/PG ratio, but that’s not overly important.

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Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour By Apollo Vapes Eliquid
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