S’mores by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid Review

S'mores by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid Review
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S’mores by The Chocolatier Vape Co is a magnificent modern take on a classic American dessert. Each puff is buttery smooth thanks to the quality ingredients used. S’mores have been expertly mixed and bottled by Queensland based Vape Vault. They’re a popular Australian vape vendor that’s been operating since 2016. Vape Vault sells a variety of beginner and advanced vaping products from their website. They also do vape boxes!

The Chocolatier Vape Co is Vape Vaults’ second ejuice line that includes fantastic flavors like Ripple and also Orange Creme. I experienced no bad hits or unsavory flavors whilst enjoying this vape juice. Furthermore, it comes ready to vape, with no extra steeping time needed. The 70VG/30PG ratio is perfect for big, flavorsome clouds. Keep reading full a detailed breakdown of this intriguing flavor.

S'mores by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles in S’mores are vanilla, ice cream, chocolate, biscuit, and also cinnamon sugar. On the inhale, you’re treated to a delicious vanilla ice cream flavor that’s rich and so velvety. Towards the hit, you will begin to taste the sweet biscuit flavor. A consistent milk chocolate undertone is present throughout. Furthermore, this lovely flavor intensifies towards the exhale, completing a very enjoyable vape.

Rob from Vape Vault has done a bang-up job on layering each concentrate. The clarity and authenticity of each profile is outstanding! Even though S’mores is not as complex as some of the other flavors from this line, it’s still a solid eliquid. I would happily recommend every dessert-loving vaper go out and buy yourself a bottle. Not many Australian manufacturers do a good chocolate juice, but Vape Vault has nailed it.

S'mores by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Vape Juice Review


You can pick up your 100ml bottle of S’mores by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid for just $35 AUD. This is from the official Vape Vault online store. They’re also stocked on Vapour Eyes, Vapr, and Vaped Out. I think that asking price is fair and competitive. The larger bottle does add value for budget vapers, but some smaller options could be advantageous.

S'mores by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid Australian Review


The packaging design suits the chocolate theme well. It’s so professional and luxe-looking. The bottle is your standard chubby gorilla with a needle-thin tip. Dripping or filling your tank is a breeze. I only had one small gripe with the label material and print quality. Overall though the branding is consistent across the entire range.

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S'mores by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid
Quality Concentrates
Trusted Australian Vendor
Delicious Flavor Profile
Good Value For Money
Not The Best Label Quality
Only Comes In One Size