The SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios is an affordable mechanical tube device. It’s designed and manufactured in the USA from good quality materials. To minimize production costs, the shape and overall design is relatively simple. The throw is short and noticeably smooth. It hits pretty hard and performs consistently. For maximum conductivity and also durability, the SMPL mod is available in brass or C-145 grade copper.

SMPL Mech Mod by Epic Design Studios Review


The SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios is lightweight and compact. The sleek cylindrical mech weighs just 87 grams and measures 22mm’s by 78mm’s. It takes a single 18650 battery and also contains no safety protections. So this means you’ll need a sound knowledge of ohms law to operate. The one-piece tube features a hybrid 510 connection. This ensures you lose minimal voltage between the device and atomizer. It’s also easy to pull apart.

The SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios features a recessed fire button that’s spring-loaded. It’s made from brass and boasts buttery smooth threading. It features six vent holes, company branding, and also a cool SMPL logo. The machining is superb and I experienced no battery rattle or misfires whatsoever. Furthermore, the base has a super convenient coin indent so you can thread your switch in and out.
SMPL Mechanical Mod by Epic Design Studios Review


The SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios readily retails for a crazy low price of $100 USD. Sourcing this little gem can be difficult though. I was only able to find a few online vendors stocking it; the majority being based in the USA. Overall I think this device is a damn good mech! It’s just as good as any other more expensive devices. It’s very accessible and would be perfect for all types of vapers. This includes new and also experienced mech users.

SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios USA Review


The SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios is available in a wide variety of color finishes that include pink, copper, light blue, white, black, green, and also SS. The packaging design is a little lackluster and doesn’t present very well. You’ll receive a cheap clear plastic carton with a sticker on it. No extras are included and this is a bit disappointing. I was expecting at least a polishing cloth, spare springs, and also circlips for the switch.

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SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios
Short ThrowHard HittingUSA MadeQuality Build & Materials
Simple DesignPoor PackagingNo Spares

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