SMPO Yoofun Pod Starter Kit Review

SMPO Yoofun Pod Starter Kit Review
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The Yoofun Pod Starter Kit is the latest AIO device to be released by SMPO in 2020. It follows up on the successful SMPO KI Pod release. As the name suggests, this device is fun to use, modern, and also stylish. But how does it compare to other pod systems already on the market? Keep reading to find out.

SMPO is a small and relatively new vape brand that operates under Nexlabs LTD. Its design team is based in the UK and it manufactures out of China. This is done to keep costs down, whilst also maintaining a professional end product. SMPO prides itself on developing compact and also very aesthetically pleasing devices. This includes the KI and the relatively new improved Kii.

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The SMPO Yoofun Pod is extremely condensed, measuring just 45mm’s by 17mm’s by 82.5mm’s. This is ideal for subtle and stealthy vapers. The pod itself is made up of a decent-sized 800mAh battery and also a relatively small 1.8ml capacity cartridge. It should provide enough power and eliquid for a days worth of vaping. The 1.5A USB-C fast-charging port is definitely a bonus. As a result, I was able to get a full charge from depleted, within 40 minutes!

The SMPO Yoofun Pod boasts a propitiatory CTAP 2.0 chipset. It delivers 8 safety modes that can protect you and the device. This also includes a smart coil recognition and temperature system. No need to preset wattages or fumble about with settings. Just attach your cartridge and the device sorts the rest out for you. Depending on how much battery you have left and the cartridge type, it will output 12 to 15 watts.

SMPO Yoofun 1.8ml Pod System Review

The SMPO Yoofun cartridge can be refilled but the coil cannot be replaced. It features a side-mounted vape juice hole that’s sealed tightly with a rubberized bung. At the moment, Yoofun offers two types of cartridges. This includes a black 1.1 ohm MTL cartridge and also a blue 0.8 ohm RDTL cartridge. They’re color-coded for convenient and easier recognition. I enjoyed both of them. They produced good flavor and vapor considering how small the device is.

The SMPO Yoofun Pod is super simple to fire. You can choose between pressing a button or just inhaling to activate. I honestly experinced little to no issues with the Yoofun during my extended period of using it. I wish it had a bigger ejuice capacity, but that’s about it. If you don’t mind the slightly high price tag, it’s the perfect day out device to chuck around your neck.

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The SMPO Yoofun Pod Starter Kit is available to buy right now. The official SMPO website has its MSRP listed as $36.99 USD. I think that’s a tad expensive in comparison to similar products already on the market. If you’re still keen on purchasing one, the cheapest place I could find selling this pod online was Heaven Gifts. They had for $32.99 USD.


The SMPO Yoofun Pod Starter Kit comes in a variety of cool colors and designs. This includes inky, viridian, chestnut, aurora, and also lion. The finish on each device looks really nice. Furthermore, the packaging is bright and colorful. It makes the entire kit very eye-catching. Inside you’ll find your Yoofun device, 2 x cartridges, dust cap, 2 x lanyard chains, USB-C charging cable, and also a user manual.

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SMPO Yoofun Pod Starter Kit Review
UK Designed
Compact Size
Quick Charging
Good Flavor & Cloud Production
Small Eliquid Capacity
Tad Expensive