I think the Snow Wolf O-100 Squonk 100W Starter Kit is a fantastic product that performs well and looks amazing! Now this statement may shock you if you’ve kept abreast of recent reviews on this starter kit, as of late.

I’ve read and watched countless negative reviews complaining about the branding, similarities shared between products and performance. I see where these reviewers are coming from in some aspects but feel they are putting their personal and unrealistic ideals behind there words.

SnowWolf O-100 Squonk 100W Starter Kit Review


Snow Wolf is a popular vape manufacturer based in China that pride themselves on producing quality products that are reliable. The Snow Wolf O-100 Squonk is relatively heavy due to the decent amount of brass used in the construction. I feel this extra weight adds more worth to the product. This can be backed by the embodied cognition theory that a humans cognitive is influenced to think heaver objects are more important.

Snow Wolf 0-100 100W Squonk TC Starter Kit Review

This sentiment ties in well with the mods physical appearance. Most of the metal body has been coated in gold paint. The reasoning behind this is to yet again improve the prosperous of the Snow Wolf O-100 Squonk.

I personally love the aesthetic of this mod including the protruding wolf face. It feels great in hand and gives you something to grip onto. The counter balance is the resin battery door that features a nice sized squonk hole that is easy to use.

As the name suggests this mod can output 0 to 100 watts of power. This is more than enough for a single coil / battery squonk. The modest sized OLED screen provides you with all the information including battery life, watts, ohms and voltage. The Snow Wolf O-100 Squonk can accommodate 1 x 21700, 20700 or 18650 battery with the included sleeve. I’m able to get half a day to a full days worth of vaping out of this mod before recharging.

Snow Wolf O-100 Squonk 100W BF RDA Starter Kit Review


The accompanying BF RDA 24mm has adjustable airflow slots and can be modified to allow mouth to lung. It is relatively easy to build on and provides good flavor. It doesn’t hit as hard or as fast as other RDAs I own, but its still a decent addition to this kit.

I had no problems with the o-ring tolerances apart from the lock functionality that did not work. In relation to the similarities to other RDA’s and mods like the Dead Rabbit and Pulse, I think this is justified but not something to negatively affect the overall product review.

I would consider naysayers to be naive in thinking patent designs or parts are not being purchased / shared between companies. Similarly the fact that most devices on the market are made in the same localized location ( China ) and in some cases within the same factory.

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The Snow Wolf O-100 Squonk 100W Starter Kit is going to set you back around $79.99 USD. I think this is a decent price for a good starter kit that looks predestine, performs well and is made from high quality materials.

Also on the back you have your usual content list and various warnings. Inside you will find your mod, RDA, USB cable, user manual, warranty card, cotton, 2 x clapton style coils, some screw drivers and a filling cap. All in all a good starter kit with everything you need to kick off.


The packaging you receive is compact and professionally designed. On the front you will see a cosmic themed pattern with a clear window to view the side of your mod.

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Snow Wolf O-100 Squonk 100W Starter Kit
Desirable Product DesignQuality Body MaterialsReliable Mod & Good Flavor RDA
Lock Functionality Doesn't Working

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