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Sour Blackberry is a premium eliquid mixed by Hunting Cloudz in the beautiful countryside of New Zealand. This ejuice is made for cloud hunters and is guaranteed not to disappoint. The flavor profile is described as a juicy blackberry with a hint of sour.

Sour Blackberry by Hunting Cloudz Ejuice Review


From the first toot on this vape juice I was hooked. On the inhale you are treated to a sweet blackberry flavor. Blackberry is not a flavor that I would have initially run out to purchase. It’s one of those fruits that I’m not a big fan of, but in liquid form it’s delicious. As you exhale the vapor from Sour Blackberry by Hunting Cloudz you are left with a slight sourness on your tongue. The combination of the sweet and sour is well balanced. In contrast if the sour element to this vape was not included, this could have been a very sickly ejuice for me personally.

Sour Blackberry by Hunting Cloudz Vape Juice Review


A 60ml bottle of Sour Blackberries will cost you around $24.95 AUD. This equates to approximately $19 USD. For this price you are getting a delicious flavored eliquid for 40 cents per milliliter. There is only one word for that, bargain! Also Sour Blackberry comes in a 70VG/30PG blend. This is the ideal mixture to maximize flavor and cloud production. This ratio also makes this juice perfect from dripping, squonking and use in tanks. When choosing your next flavor, I highly recommend you reach for a bottle of Sour Blackberry by Hunting Cloudz.

Sour Blackberry by Hunting Cloudz Vapora Eliquid Review


The packaging that Sour Blackberry comes in has been very well thought out. The label is brightly colored, without being too over the top. They have also added a date of manufacture, or as they call it, the date your bottle was ‘born’. This is not something I have ever thought about before, however at a quick glance I can determine how long this eliquid has been steeped, and how long its been sitting on the shelf for.

As mentioned Hunting Cloudz is an New Zealand based ejuice company, however their juices are sold throughout Australia. Unfortunately, this means no nicotine due to the current laws. Most Australians, like myself have to add nicotine after the fact, as this is weirdly legal.

If you have ever tried to take the tip out of a chubby gorilla bottle to put your nicotine in, you will know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. Hunting Cloudz have taken steps to make this process so much easier for you with a simple innovation. Also the nozzle of the bottle can be removed allowing you to syringe your nicotine effortlessly into the ejuice.

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Sour Blackberry by Hunting Cloudz Eliquid
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