Strawberry Cheesecake by Solomons Clouds is the second ejuice I have had the pleasure of reviewing, the first being Graporade. Both blends are tasty and expertly made within Australia. All vape juices from Solomons Clouds come steeped for at least 1 month. This is a perfect example of customer service.

I personally love being able to rip straight into a bottle instead of having to wait before its ready. I experienced no nasty chemical tastes when vaping on Strawberry Cheesecake. Gary has done you a solid and made sure to only use quality ingredients. Unfortunately due to Australian law this eliqud is only available with 0mg of nicotine. But its easy enough to buy a nic shot and add your own.

Strawberry Cheesecake by Solomons Clouds Ejuice Review


On the inhale it’s very buttery with a subtle strawberry flavor. On the exhale you get a sweet hint of sugar and dough. This eliquid is very light and dessert focused. The fruit tastes as if it were cooked. The layering has been done superbly as you would expect from any Solomons Clouds mix. It reminds me of Deckard by Outrun Vape, which is a good thing.

Personally I would have loved a bit more strawberry and a touch less butter taste. Overall though this is a fantastic eliquid worth trying out. I would recommend it to dessert lovers and anybody who enjoys a good Solomon mix.

Strawberry Cheesecake by Solomons Clouds Vape Juice Review


You can pick up a 30ml bottle of Strawberry Cheesecake for $12 AUD or $20 AUD for 60ml. This is bottom dollar pricing for a premium Australian ejuice. In contrast to similar eliquids on the market, I reckon Solomons Clouds have asked for a fair price.

Strawberry Cheesecake by Solomons Clouds Eliquid AU Review


The bottle is your standard chubby gorilla, which most vapers come to expect these days. The artwork design is simple and to the point. Colored red and yellow to symbolize the flavor inside. I’m not a big fan, but its more important that the flavor tastes good, than having a good looking bottle.

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Strawberry Cheesecake by Solomons Clouds Eliquid
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