Strawberry Cream by Verdict Vapors is a premium quality nicotine salt eliquid. It’s mixed and bottled in an FDA registered facility that’s ISO 9001 certified. Verdict Vapors are one of the worlds leading manufacturers that adhere to producing safe and innovative ejuice for all vapers to enjoy. They proudly boast the use of pharmaceutical-grade VG and their nicotine is 99.9% pure.

I would recommend letting Strawberry Cream by Verdict Vapors steep for a few weeks before vaping. This will allow time for the flavors to mature. A wide variety of Nic Salt content levels are available to choose from including 24mg, 30mg, and also 50mg. I experienced no bad hits or throat burn whilst enjoying. Keep reading for a full breakdown of this flavor.

Strawberry Cream by Verdict Vapors Ejuice Review


The primary flavors in this vape juice are strawberries, cream, marshmallows, and graham crackers. On the inhale, you will experience a nice but synthetic strawberry flavor. It’s fresh, not candied. In the background, the cream concentrate adds a nice undertone to the vape. On the exhale the same flavor is present, but with an added sweetness. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to taste the marshmallow or graham crackers.

While not one of the best nicotine salt eliquids going round, it’s overall decent. I happily vaped the entire bottle before writing this review. It was enjoyable to puff on occasionally. I would recommend Strawberry Cream to dessert fans that are on a budget. Furthermore, vapers that are already familiar with this common flavor profile and are looking for a Nic Salt kick.


The biggest selling point of this eliquid has to be the price. From $9.99 USD you can get either a 15ml, 30ml or 50ml bottle. That’s amazing value for money! It’s one of the cheapest nicotine salt blends available to buy online. Verdict Vapors has done a solid for all the vapers out there that can’t afford to spend $15 to 30 USD on a similar product. So why not go grab a bottle to see what you think.


The container is a standard chubby gorilla short-fill. The quality is good and it features a child-proof top cap. The label design is pretty good, but perhaps a little too grown up. I enjoy some kind of illustration demonstrating the particular flavor inside. The only current indicator is a red and white color scheme. The typography is big and also bold. The text is easily legible.

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Strawberry Cream by Verdict Vapors Eliquid
Quality Manufacturing & IngredientsDecent Flavor ProfileBottom Dollar Asking Price
Synthetic Strawberry Taste