Strawberry Rolls by Candy King on Salt is a super sweet and satisfyingly good eliquid, well worth checking out if you’re a fan of nicotine salts. Candy King is a popular ejuice line manufactured by USA based Dripmore E-Liquids. Their tag line ‘Drip with us’ gives off a community vibe, which I like. Utilizing existing Candy King flavors, Drip More released the ‘on SALT’ line mid-2018.

Strawberry Rolls by Candy King on Salt is super smooth to vape on. I encountered no chemical undertones or harsh hits. Best to leave this vape juice to steep for a few days or so before enjoying. Nicotine salt is great for ex-smokers because the experience is similar to smoking a cigarette. This is because the Nic Salt is absorbed by your blood much quicker than freebase nicotine.

Strawberry Rolls by Candy King on Salt Ejuice Review


This tantalizing flavor can be best described as a sugary strawberry fruit roll-up. On the inhale, you will taste a candied strawberry concentrate that is very sweet and utterly delicious. This fantastic flavor continues throughout the vape until you exhale. Overall Strawberry Rolls on Salt is a relatively simple eliquid that Candy King has perfectly nailed.

I could happily vape on Strawberry Rolls on Salt all day without getting sick of it. The flavor is just so intense and easily palatable. I would happily recommend this to any and every vaper that enjoys a really good candy eliquid. It caters to both fruit and lolly lovers alike. Just make sure to take it easy since the nicotine content is high.

Strawberry Rolls by Candy King on Salt Vape Juice Review


I was able to find Strawberry Rolls by Candy King on Salt Eliquid selling for $11.99 USD. This will get you a 30ml bottle with 35mg’s of nicotine salt. That’s a ripper of a deal and also much cheaper compared to other Nic Salt brands that charge nearly double that. Make sure to only use this in your favorite pod device and not a sub-ohm tank.

Strawberry Rolls by Candy King on Salt Eliquid USA Review


Candy King has taken some flak online because of its name and branding. Some people suggest that they are marketing to a younger generation. I personally don’t have a problem with Candy King. Their artwork accurately represents the flavor inside the bottle. The design is visually appealing and eye-catching. All required warnings and safety information is visible and legible.

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Strawberry Rolls by Candy King on Salt Eliquid
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