The standout feature of the Tesla WYE 200 watt box mod is how lightweight it feels. Even with two 18650 batteries and a full tank of juice, this featherweight mod comes in at a very modest 64.5 grams. Another surprising feature is the durability. The Tesla has been constructed from a heat-resistant ABS and Polycarbonate blend. I have personally given this thing a beating, dropped and kicked this mod around on the floor and it still works perfectly.

The only downside of this mod would be the battery life. It runs ok if you vaping on low wattage, but anything above 90 watts and you will defiantly notice a difference in how long your batteries last. In terms of settings, it is nice to have control over the temperature, wattage, and even pre-ohm settings.


The cost of this mod is very similar to most mid-range vaping devices. At the time when I bought it, it cost me $45 USD. For the price, I would say it’s a good mod. I would definitely recommend it.

Tesla WYE 200w Vape Box Mod Review


The packaging it comes in isn’t anything spectacular. All the boxes, no matter the color, have a black and green speckle design on the front. Then inside, is your mod that features a fun splattered paint design which is available in 6 different colors. The mod comes standard with a micro USB cord, instruction manual, and some extra parts. Pretty run of the mill stuff.

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Tesla WYE 200w Box Mod
Light WeightDurability
Short Battery Life

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