The Rise & Fall Of RiP Trippers

The Rise & Fall Of RiP Trippers

Love or hate him, RiP Trippers is one of the most popular vape reviewers on YouTube. To be exact, he has 1.35 million subscribers and 261,001,707 views at the time of writing this article. Other vape reviewers on YouTube don’t even come close to that number. This includes Zophie Reviews with 414,000, GrimmGreen with 395,000, and even Mike Vapes with just 337,000 subscribers.

RiP Trippers oozes confidence and is quite a unique individual. His iconic hat, sunglasses, teeth, and energy on camera are at times memorizing. But when you look a bit closer, small cracks of deception appear. This includes only doing sponsored posts, crying wolf about quitting on multiple occasions, and various statements he’s made that now live on the internet forever. Keep reading to learn about the real RiP Trippers.

Rip Trippers YouTube

Who Is RiP Trippers?

RiP Trippers was born in North Carolina on the 12th of July 1983. His father was a realtor and his mother was an award-winning artist. At the age of 42, his father decided to quit his job and became an entrepreneur. This appears to be what inspired RiP Trippers to also work for himself. In 2007, he graduated with a BA in photojournalism from the Loyola University in New Orleans.

During the summer of 2007, RiP Trippers interned at a wedding photography company. He loved it so much that he decided to shoot his own weddings. Between 2008 and 2012, RiP Trippers traveled across the country shooting weddings. He got so good that some of his work was even featured in magazines. In 2011 RiP Trippers and his brother-in-law created a Photoshop/Lightroom plugin. It ended up being quite popular and they eventually sold it a few years later.

Who Is RiP Trippers

RiP Trippers has always been a go-getter. From the age of 18, he did private real estate sales on the side. From the profits, he was able to purchase five commercial properties and a couple of residential properties. In April 2012, he created his YouTube channel. Due to previous successful business ventures, RiP Trippers was able to dedicate all of his time to it. He focused primarily on vaping how-to topics and product reviews.

From 2012 to preset, RiP Trippers has worked grueling 90 hour weeks, recording and editing his own videos. He was one of the first vape influencers to co-design a rebuildable atomizer and also release his own ejuice line. This type of continual hustle is why he’s the most popular vape reviewer on YouTube. With some help from a manager and agent, nothing could get in RiP Trippers way…or so he thought.

RiP Trippers Hat

What Is RiP Trippers Real Name?

RiP Trippers real name is Trip Pittman and he’s currently 37 years old. He likes to keep most aspects of his life private, but what we do know is that his wife’s name is Lauren and they have three beautiful children. A girl called Penny and two boys. One named Darcy and one with an undisclosed name. They live in a modest-sized double-story home in Nashville, Tennessee. Trip’s mother Patricia specializes in fine art and even has her very own website.

What Is RiP Trippers Worth?

RiP Trippers is reported to have a net worth of at least $1 million USD. According to Social Blade, RiP Trippers was earning approximately $2,600 USD to $42,400 USD per year from YouTube ad revenue between 2012 and 2018. He does though claim in a Q&A video that he could have potentially earned $100,000 USD per month if he worked 7 days a week!

RiP Trippers Worth

In 2018, YouTube made swift changes to its ad revenue program. This meant Trip was no longer able to monetize his videos. This forced most vape reviewers into sponsored videos. It’s estimated that Trip charges roughly $2,000 USD to $3,000 USD per sponsored video. To date, he’s released just under 1,000 videos. A third of them are supposedly sponsored product reviews. That equals just under $1 million USD.

The top-selling Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank by Geekvape that RiP Trippers collaborated on was also a breadwinner. Reports suggest that Trip most likely received 2% of every sale from that particular product. RiP Trippers also has his very own ejuice line called ‘Spotlight’. This includes the very popular Rainbow Nuggets flavor which always seems to be sold out. This may be because he sold his share of Vapetrik a few years ago.

RiP Trippers Scandal

One of RiP Trippers more infamous scandals includes the clickbait Instagram post he made on the 28th of October, 2019. In it, he captioned ‘I might be quitting the vape‘. This sparked outrage amongst his subscribers. Two days later he released a video titled ‘RiP Trippers QUITTING VAPING FOR REAL?!!!‘. Bear in mind this was just days before the big DC rally in opposition to the flavor ban that many vaping personalities were going to attend.

RiP Trippers Scandal

In the video, he suggested that the flavor ban could lead to an eventual ban on e-cigarettes. This in turn would mean he and other USA based reviewers couldn’t do any more videos. He then went on to say that this would essentially kill the vaping industry because nobody could market the products being released. In all fairness, I think this is a stretch. There are plenty of good YouTube vape reviewers that don’t come from the USA.

He then calls out Grimm Green for doing too many advocacy videos and not getting any views. He calls it ‘pathetic’ but then retracts and says he’s an awesome guy. At this point, he hints that he might look into doing other content. This coincides with the launch of a new kid-friendly YouTube channel called Superbloke. In it, Trip stars as a superhero. The content is low budget and kind of cringy. It also comes very close to infringing on the copyright of Peppa Pig and the Baby Shark song.

Superbloke YouTube RiP Trippers

What Happened To RiP Trippers?

On February 24, 2020, RiP Trippers posted his last vaping review “ever”. Viewers were unaware of this at the time because he didn’t officially state it or post about it on his social media. He then released two unrelated vaping videos about dieting and anxiety. On April 1st, 2020 Trip released a video titled ‘I Almost Died From My AutoImmune Disease! Curing Prostatitis?‘. It detailed what he’d been going through the past few months.

Trip said in the video that he has Prostatitis, which is an autoimmune disease that causes his prostate gland to inflame. He’s had it since birth and was diagnosed at a young age. As he got older, the condition became worst. He described the feeling to be like ‘battery acid’ every time he peed; which was often because of the disease. Over the years he took various prescribed antibiotics which worked in short bursts but unfortunately didn’t cure him.

RiP Trippers Weight Loss

RiP Trippers Weight Loss

In 2016 Rip Trippers started to experiment with his diet. He started to lose weight and went from 240 pounds to 138 pounds. Trip was also admitted to the hospital on multiple occasions due to lack of eating. One time he had a fever of 104.5. During this dramatic time of weight loss, he was unfairly bullied almost constantly on his YouTube comment section. People would say ‘What’s wrong with you, you’re on crack!’. This made him extremely angry, and upset.

RiP Trippers Angry

In early February 2020, Trip prayed to god to get better. He felt hopeless, was in incredible pain every day, and also had suicidal thoughts. His wife suggested that he go see a Shaman and get Reiki done. He was initially skeptical but was willing to try anything at this stage. Jeff, the local Shaman performed Reiki on Trip, and within 5 to 10 minutes he felt the pain go away. This was the first of many sessions. Trip now claims to be 90% to 95% healed.

Why Did RiP Trippers Quit Vaping?

Before getting regular Reiki treatments, RiP Trippers was sleeping just 2hrs a night because of his terrible Prostatitis pain. On June 29th, 2020 Trip released a video titled ‘The Reason Why I’m Done Doing Product Reviews!‘. He claims the reason why he was quitting was that he finally felt ok. His Prostatitis was miraculously healed and he wanted to spend more time with his family.

RiP Trippers Quit Vaping

Another reason for quitting vape reviews was because of all the cookie-cutter products being released. He missed the good ole’ days of vaping when rebuildable devices were more prevalent in 2012 and 2013. He mentioned pods, in particular, were the worst thing to be invented and that they’d be the demise of the vaping industry. Trip also wasn’t happy about having to constantly do sponsored videos. So he took 2 months off and quit vaping.

During this time he released a handful of vlog-style wellness videos that promoted happiness and healthy editing. The majority of his subscribers hated it and as a result, the videos didn’t do well. His average view count at that time went from an average of 100,000 to just 15,000 views. On August 1st, 2020, just 1 month after saying he was done with vaping, Trip released a new video titled ‘I’m Coming Back To The Vape GUYS!‘.

RiP Trippers Sell Out

Is RiP Trippers A Sell Out?

In his coming back video, Trip completely backflips on everything he had previously said. This includes his hatred of pod systems which is clearly outlandish. He mentions it wasn’t easy and how he didn’t realize how much he’d miss vaping. I think in reality he missed the easy money from sponsored videos. His motivational content was clearly doing terrible and he wasn’t able to make good money from it.

I understand why RiP Trippers came back, apologized, and then swept everything under the carpet. Deep down Trip is a businessman first and a vaper second. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I personally respect his work ethic. But damn, would it hurt to be a bit more transparent? His second video after coming back was about a pod for crying out loud!

RiP Trippers Coming Back To The Vape

I’ve titled this article the rise and fall of RiP Trippers because I think deep down his career on YouTube is finished. His vape product reviews aren’t getting the numbers they used to and the general consensus from the vaping community is that of disappointment and distrust. This includes negative commentary from high-profile vaper reviewers like Jai Haze, The Vaping Bogan, and also Vaping With Vic. This latest stunt has essentially derailed the RiP Trippers money train.

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