Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA Review

Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA Review
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The Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA is a new top coiler entry into the market that boasts a compact design and beautiful aesthetic. It’s a collaborative project between THC and Tony Vapes. The deck is super easy to build on and it also features heaps of airflow. You can even squonk into it! But how does it compare to similar tanks like the Brunhilde RTA and PROFILE RDTA. Keep reading to find out.

Thunderhead Creations is a popular DIY vape manufacturer that specializes in rebuildable devices and mech mods. They’re based out of Zhongshan, China and have been around for quite some time now. Some of its best selling products include the Tauren Hybrid 2 in 1 Mech Mod and also the Tauren Max RDTA. All of their vapes are designed in the USA and made in China. This gives them an edge over other vape companies on the market.

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The Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA is an extremely compact top coiler. It measures just 24mm’s in diameter by 50mm’s in height. This is perfect if you don’t like a particularly tall tank, but it does come at a price. The small frame can only hold 4.5ml of eliquid. This capacity is relatively small; especially so in comparison to similar RDTA’s.

The Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA looks a treat on any mod and is made from good quality stainless steel. The color options are impressive and I particularly liked the 810 drip tip design. The glass that holds you eliquid is protected by a cool cage design. It allows just enough visibility for quick level checks.

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The Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA features a protruding 510 pin that’s safe to use with mechanical devices. It’s also squonk ready via a bottom feeder pin for added ejuice capacity. The postless deck is fairly easy to build on but can only accommodate a single coil. I would’ve loved a dual coil option. The fill port is rather wide and is located on the side. Furthermore, I experinced no leaks whatsoever when the tank was standing.

The Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA boasts adjustable side airflow that’s honeycombed with 26 holes. It helped produce pretty decent flavor and also heaps of clouds. The four stainless steel German made rods worked as intended and carried eliquid up into the deck. I experinced no dry hits even when chain vaping.

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The Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA is currently available for preorder. The best price I could find online was $39.99 USD from Everzon. Make sure to use our exclusive 5% off coupon code ‘WWM5’ at checkout. I think that’s a reasonable asking price considering the overall quality and performance of this RDTA. I would recommend this product to all DIY vapers that enjoy top coilers or are interested in trying one out.


The Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA comes in a variety of colors. This includes black, black/silver, silver, and also gunmetal. I really liked the glossy finish that THC has applied to each tank. The design looks really modern and clean. Unfortunately, the packaging isn’t the most creative, but it gets the job done. Inside you’ll find your Artemis RDTA, spare glass, 510 pin, 2 x coils, cotton, parts, and also a user manual.

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Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA Review
Compact Size
Quality Build
Superior Finish & Design
Easy To Build On
Fair Price
Small Eliquid Capacity
Single Coil Only
Average Packaging Design