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G’day Im your host Squidly Tris, we’ve got a device that I paid for for the purposes of this review. I will tell you whether it is crap on not. We have got the Apex RDA Tank, this little banger here from Times Vape and a gentleman by the name of Nichrome80. It is a 24 mm, it comes in gold, black, rainbow and stainless steel. So what we’ll do is we’ll take a little dive down a little closer look over the RDA itself.

This is the Apex RDA Tank up close, so it is a 25 mm RDA and it is made of 304 stainless steel. It’s got a gold plated 510 squonk pin. It also comes with a regular 510 that is made of brass. It has dual cyclops airflows. The reason for they are for the dual cyclops airflow is because of the massive amounts of cause you can put in this deck. It has a nice deep engraving on the sides with the Apex label there and then your shark logo. You’ve got the kneerling on the top which kind of gives it this awesome little industrial kind of look. It also comes with a 8-10 drip tip which is resin and all your regular drip tips fit inside. So that’s the outside, looks pretty dope.

So this deck is pure innovation. It has a 3.8mm juice well where your wicks go. It has a gold post here and your negative post is milled into the deck so that’s not screwed in. It’s got some massive grub screws and huge gaps here so you can put your coils in on either side here, negative to positive or they’ve provided these little slits at the top so you can put you negative and positive in here. So you could if you wanted to, run it from single all the way up to quad coils. You can put some huge coils in here. So this is really is a bit of a cloud chaser. You’ve got this little lip here and I guess when you drip in here it sort of evenly disperses your liquid and your 510 pin protrudes as you can see here.

So the reason that I went with putting my coils in the top here was because I found for me I’m a bit of a haphazard vapor so when I dripped down the top, when I take my top cap off and when I paste my coils with my juice I end up over filling all the time. No matter what I do whether I skoink, whether I drip, it will overfill and I get leaking so I turned that bottom airflow off and closed it all up so it didn’t create any spillage.

Inside the box you get your regular bag of grub screws and o rings. This little allen key is for the squoink pin. You get a brass regular 510 as well as a couple of other drip tips including a autumn tip, a doctype and another 8-10. You also get the different color resin.

I like the airflow. It is just a massive stupid amount of air. It does get a little bit too airy for my liking but that’s only because I’m running dual coils in here. The build space is great becuase you can put quad coils in here. It is just ridiculous, I mean that build space is epic, there is so much room in there to chuck whatever you want inside, so that’s pretty cool. Being able to squionk on this thing is another pro in my books. The 810 driptip that it comes with so you can match it to your favorite mod. The cost of this thing is another pro, this is only $31 USD. The only cons that I had is that it just turns, if you want to take this off your mod it can become quite difficult. I would also like to see some sort of locking feature, the coils aren’t going to change, so you’re gonna have to line up your cause with the two air flows. Airflow; so this was a pro but I think it’s also a con. There is way too much air flow, I know I love my airflow wide open,

So in summary I’m gonna give these tank a thumbs up.

Comment below if you have tried out the TimesVape APEX RDA Tank.

TimesVape APEX 25mm RDA Tank
AirflowGreat PriceBig Build
Needs A Locking Feature