Top 10 Best Nic Salt Juice Flavors 2020

Top 10 Best Nic Salt Juice Flavors
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There are literally 100’s of different nic salt juice flavors and brands on the market in 2020. This can make choosing the best mixes difficult, especially if you’re new to vaping. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the top 10 best nic salt juice flavors. This is based purely on sales numbers from some of our favorite online eliquid vendors. Furthermore, good sale numbers usually indicate a decent nicotine salt blend.

You may notice as you scroll down that most of the eliquids listed are fruit-based. This is because nic salt usually tastes better with fruit concentrates, but there are always certain exceptions. Nic salt is great for vapers that are seeking a more familiar sensation to the likes of smoking a cigarette. This new formula can achieve a higher blood nicotine level compared to freebase nicotine and is perfect for pod-based devices.

Most Popular Nic Salt Juice Flavors 2020

Hawaiian POG by NKD 100 Salt Eliquid

1. Hawaiian POG by NKD 100 Salt Eliquid

Hawaiian POG by NKD 100 Salt is a nicotine salt based eliquid that tastes almost identical to its very popular freebase counterpart. It’s manufactured by USA Vape Lab who is based out of California. Hawaiian POG contains three primary flavor profiles. This includes sweet passion fruit, zesty orange, and also exotic guava. It’s available with 35mg and also 50mg of nicotine salt. I highly recommend this blend to vapers that enjoy the taste of fresh fruit.

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Lemon Tart Salt Nic by Dinner Lady Eliquid

2. Lemon Tart Salt Nic by Dinner Lady Eliquid

The original Lemon Tart eliquid by Dinner Lady was released way back in 2016. It was an instant hit and quickly became Dinner Lady’s front runner. Over the years it’s been awarded numerous accolades that include ‘Best Dessert Flavor’. This amazing flavor is now available with salt nic. The flavor profile is quite complex. It includes a buttery biscuit crust, sweet meringue, and also sour lemons. The perfect blend for dessert lovers.

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Pink Punch Lemonade Nic Salt by TWIST Eliquid

3. Pink Punch Lemonade Nic Salt by TWIST Eliquid

Pink Punch Lemonade is a fan favorite because of its award-winning flavor profile. The main concentrates include freshly squeezed lemons and also sugary strawberry syrup. It’s manufactured in the USA by Daddy’s Vapor. They boast a diverse range of best selling brands that include FRYD, Pop Clouds, and also TWIST E-Liquids. Pink Punch Lemonade Nic Salt is conveniently sold in packs of two at a great low price.

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Pure by Aqua Salts Eliquid

4. Pure by Aqua Salts Eliquid

Pure is a tantalizingly fruity eliquid that’s a pleasure to vape on. The main flavor profiles include sweet strawberries and also fresh watermelon. It’s manufactured by Marina Vape who is based in the USA. They’re best known for only using the best quality ingredients in all of their mixes. Fruit fanatics are going to love this blend. Furthermore, the Nic Salt used is extremely smooth and is available in 35mg or 50mg.

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Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts Eliquid

5. Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts Eliquid

Blue Razz is the ultimate blue raspberry blend that you need to try. It’s sweet, super smooth, and also relatively light to vape on. Similar to other eliquids on this list, Blue Razz has won plenty of awards. The flavor profile strikes the perfect balance of fruit and also candy. Blue Razz is manufactured by Air Factory, which was founded in 2016. This USA based juice company offers a wide variety of tasty mixes to choose from.

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Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Candy King on Salt Eliquid

6. Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Candy King on Salt Eliquid

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum is a super sweet eliquid that candy addicts absolutely love. As the name suggests, Candy King is a line that focuses on unique confectionery blends. Furthermore, this particular ejuice is one of their best sellers. It’s manufactured by Drip More out of Los Angeles, USA. The main flavor profiles include sugar-coated strawberries and watermelon. It tastes juicy and also very similar to a Jolly Rancher hard candy.

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Fuji by Pachamama Salts Eliquid

7. Fuji by Pachamama Salts Eliquid

Fuji is an intricate eliquid that will surprise and delight you. Pachamama is a popular juice line manufactured by Charlies Chalk Dust. They’re known for creating superb exotic blends that are unlike anything else on the market. Furthermore, this USA based vape juice company pride themselves on only producing top-shelf products. The main flavor profiles of Fuji include crisp apples, sweet strawberries, and also tart nectarines.

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Lush ICE by VGOD SaltNic Eliquid

8. Lush ICE by VGOD SaltNic Eliquid

Lush ICE is a signature blend manufactured by VGOD. You may have seen it featured in one of VGOD’s trending trick videos on Instagram or Facebook. The main flavor profile comprises of candied watermelon and refreshing menthol. The two flavors are irresistibly good and super smooth to vape on. Furthermore, it only includes premium USP ingredients. I would recommend this eliquid to vapers that enjoy cold hits and also sweet fruit.

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Mint by Solace Salts Eliquid

9. Mint by Solace Salts Eliquid

Mint by Solace Salts is plain and simple. It achieves a fantastic mint flavor that’s true to taste and thoroughly enjoyable. Solace Vapor was founded in 2015 and prides itself on producing straightforward flavors that transitioning smokers can get around. Unlike other eliquids on this list, Solace solely manufactures nicotine salt mixes. Mint is readily available with 35mg or 50mg of nic salt and is also highly affordable.

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Saltwater Mint by Coastal Clouds Eliquid

10. Saltwater Mint by Coastal Clouds Eliquid

Saltwater Mint is manufactured by popular coast inspired eliquid company, Coastal Clouds. They cover all bases in regards to the sheer variety of flavors they craft. This includes complex blends and also uncomplicated mixes. Saltwater Mint delivers a fantastic taste that only Coastal Clouds could pull off. The mint freshness is complemented by ice-cold hits and also a lovely sweet aftertaste. It’s definitely worth the extra dollars for this premium USA brand.

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What Is Nic Salts?

Nic Salts or nicotine salt is a chemical stimulant that’s naturally found in tobacco plants. It’s quite effective at elevating withdrawal symptoms and can also be used for smoking cessation. The addition of benzoic acid helps lower its pH levels ( for a smoother hit ) and also increases the absorption rate. Nicotine salt is much more efficient at delivering nicotine into your bloodstream compared to freebase nicotine.

Are Nic Salts bad for you?

The sensation Nic Salts provide users is said to be very similar to smoking a cigarette. While research on nicotine salt is limited, some vapers have reported side effects such as headaches and also moderate insomnia; when using high doses. What we do know is cigarettes contain thousands of different chemicals. This includes lead, arsenic, ammonia, and many more. Furthermore, 70 of those chemicals have been scientifically proven to cause cancer.

Can I use Nic Salt in my vape?

Nic Salts are chemically engineered to work best at lower wattages. As a result, it’s recommended to avoid high wattage devices like vape pens and box mods. Instead, you should get yourself a good quality pod-based system. They are convenient, easy to set up, and also relatively cheap. The power output and also resistance are perfect for nicotine salt eliquid. They also restrict you from absorbing too much nicotine which can result in head spins, excessive sweating, hyperventilation, and even death in extreme cases.

What is the lowest salt nicotine level?

Nicotine salt levels can range from 18mg, all the way up to 50mg, and everything in between. If you’re a heavy smoker, we’d recommend starting on 50mg of nicotine salt and working your way down. Furthermore, most brands offer a handful of different Nic Salt levels to accommodate all types of vapers. It’s important to remember that the flavor can be less enjoyable at such high nicotine levels.

Comment down below what your favorite Nic Salt juice flavor is.