Top 10 Best Selling Naked Vape Juice Flavors 2021

Top 10 Best Selling Naked Vape Juice Flavors
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Naked vape juice is a widely popularized eliquid line, manufactured by the hugely successful Schwartz E-Liquid group. Based in Long Beach, California, they are commonly referred to as Naked 100. Their vision was to craft simple fruit mixes that didn’t need fancy labeling or massive social media campaigns like JUUL.

Naked 100 wants its vape juice to do the talking. All of their flavors are crisp, natural, and authentic. They’re among some of the best eliquid flavors on the market. This is because they only use the best USP grade ingredients and it doesn’t contain the harmful chemical Diacetyl. The question we ask today is which 10 flavors are most popular.

Most Popular 10 Naked Vape Juice Flavors in 2021

With over 30 different flavors to choose from, picking the best naked 100 vape juice flavors in 2021 was a challenge for the We Vape Mods team. We also had to consider that a lot of these flavors have won awards. After hours of research, we present to you the following top 10 list from one of the best ejuice brands in existence.

Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 Eliquid

1. Hawaiian Pog

Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 contains a fantastic blend of unique tropical fruits. The concentrates listed include fresh oranges, tangy passion fruit, and also smooth guava. This combination makes for a refreshingly sweet vape that any fruit fanatic will be sure to fall in love with. Furthermore, I can attest to Hawaiian Pog being a number one eliquid.

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Lava Flow by Naked 100 Eliquid

2. Lava Flow

Lava Flow by Naked 100 is another juicy mix that’s defiantly worth mentioning in our top 10 list. This eliquid contains the perfect balance of exotic fruits, that blend effortlessly together to create the perfect vape. The main flavor profiles in Lava Flow are rich coconuts, tart pineapples, and also delicious strawberries.

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Amazing Mango by Naked 100 Eliquid

3. Amazing Mango

Amazing Mango by Naked 100 is our third tropical blend that people just can’t get enough of. It’s also one of my personal favorites that I vape on regularly. Amazing Mango is made up of ripe mangoes, golden peaches, and also thick cream. The taste of this exceptional mix never gets old.

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All Melon by Naked 100 Eliquid

4. All Melon

All Melon by Naked 100 is a top-selling mixed melon flavor. The fusion of the world’s most popular melons makes for a tasty vape. Within the mix, you can expect to taste mouthwatering watermelon, viscous cantaloupe, and also zesty honeydew. With each puff, I experienced rich, full-flavored hits that excited my taste buds.

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Really Berry by Naked 100 Eliquid

5. Really Berry

Really Berry by Naked 100 consists of two well-liked berry fruits with a dash of lemon. This summer inspired eliquid is flavorsome and so easy to vape on. The tart, but very sweet blueberries and blackberries taste just like the real thing. I can honestly recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good berry blend.

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Very Cool by Naked 100 Eliquid

6. Very Cool

Very Cool by Naked 100 is quite similar to Really Berry, but it also contains raspberries and menthol undertones. The additional flavor profiles create a whole new vaping experience and are well worth trying out. If like me you love an icy hit, then Very Cool could be up your alley.

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Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 Eliquid

7. Naked Unicorn

Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 blends two relatively straightforward flavors to produce another iconic ejuice mix. So good in fact that it made it into our top 10 list! I loved each and every puff because Naked Unicon was so smooth and easy to vape on. The fresh strawberries and dense cream combined very well together.

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Green Blast by Naked 100 Eliquid

8. Green Blast

Green Blast by Naked 100 is the perfect name for this all green fruit eliquid mix. The concentrates in this blend include kiwi fruit, honeydew and also green apples. A surprisingly good combination of sweet and tart flavor profiles. I can honestly say I’ve never tasted anything like it. As a result, Green Blast is the perfect ejuice for the vaper who has tried everything.

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Maui Sun by Naked 100 Eliquid

9. Maui Sun

Maui Sun by Naked 100 will have your tongue tingling in anticipation for this bold citrus inspired mix. The blend contains a tasty tart pineapple flavor with tangy orange and also fresh tangerine undertones. Maui Sun is definitely an ejuice best enjoyed on a nice hot summer’s day. As a result, we’ve given this eliquid our seal of approval.

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Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Eliquid

10. Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze by Naked 100 isn’t your typical mixed fruit and menthol vape juice. Furthermore, I was able to taste each individual fruit profile as I inhaled. This included strawberries, kiwi fruit, and also red pomegranate. Don’t get me wrong, the refreshingly icy cool hit was fantastic, but the fruit combination adds a welcomed flavor depth.

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Comment down below your favorite Naked brand vape juice. We would love to hear your top 10.