Top 10 Best Selling Twist E-Liquid Flavors

Top 10 Best Selling Twist E-Liquid Flavors
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Twist E-Liquid is an award-winning, and insanely popular, ejuice brand that’s based out of Los Angeles, USA. They’re best known for their iconic Lemon Twist E-Liquid line that includes mouth-watering flavors like Pink Punch Lemonade and Iced Pink Punch. This brand, among many other best-selling vape juices, is made by Daddy’s Vapor. In total, they mix and bottle 100 different flavors across 29 different lines!

Daddy’s Vapor has won numerous e-liquid awards, which include ‘Best Beverage’, ‘Best Fruit’, and ‘Best in Show’. This is because all their ingredients are derived from quality USP sources that are expertly blended across multiple stateside facilities. Each proprietary ejuice does NOT contain sugar, gluten, GMOs or Diacetyl. This is important because Diacetyl could cause respiratory diseases when inhaled by vapers.

Most Popular 10 Twist E-Liquid Flavors in 2021

Twist E-Liquid boasts over 15 different vape juice flavors. I would highly recommend checking them all out because they are utterly delicious. To make your choice that much easier, we decided to rank the top 10 best selling Twist Eliquid flavors. Twist E-Liquid is well known for its unique fruit, dessert, candy, menthol, and also beverage flavor profiles. They’re so easy to vape on all day, every day!

A distinct difference between Twist E-Liquid and other brands is that they do dual 60ml packs instead of bulky 120ml bottles. This is extremely convenient and doesn’t cost any extra. Talking of price, Twist E-Liquid is very affordable. Each bottle works out to be roughly 23 cents per ml. You can also take advantage of the free USA shipping on orders over $15. Keep reading below to discover each fantastic Twist E-Liquid flavor profile.

Pink Punch Lemonade by Lemon Twist E-Liquid

1. Pink Punch Lemonade

Pink Punch Lemonade, from the Lemon Twist E-Liquid line, was one of the first flavors ever released by Twist E-Liquids. This superb flavor skyrocketed Twist E-Liquid into the global limelight. The flavor profile is unique because it combines the perfect amount of sweet and tart concentrates. It’s a flavor that many other brands have tried to re-create but just can’t get right. From the first puff, you will fall in love.

Pink Punch Lemonade contains zesty lemons and a sweet mixture of red fruits. On the inhale, you’ll experience the refreshing lemon flavor as it intertwines with sugary berry fruits. The result is a surprisingly authentic and unparalleled beverage flavor profile. It’s the perfect ejuice to vape on in the sunshine on a hot summer day. Each concentrate is enjoyable and easily identifiable.

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Berry Medley Lemonade by Berry Twist E-Liquid

2. Berry Medley Lemonade

Berry Medley Lemonade, from the Berry Twist E-Liquid line, is another top-selling flavor you need in your collection. The flavor profile takes inspiration from Pink Punch Lemonade and adds blueberry fruits for an added twist. This is one ejuice for all the candy and also fruit lovers out there. I can guarantee the true to taste profile will have you coming back for more.

Berry Medley Lemonade contains tart lemons and naturally sweetened blueberries. This is a great fusion of relatively simple flavors that create something special. On the inhale, you’ll taste the zesty lemons. As you approach the hit, the ripe blueberry flavor is introduced. It balances out the sourness of the lemons, leaving your palate refreshed and ready for the next puff. This simple combination works so well together.

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Watermelon Madness by Melon Twist E-Liquid

3. Watermelon Madness

Watermelon Madness from the Melon Twist E-Liquid line is the third best selling eliquid from the popular Twist E-Liquid brand. Melon is a notably hard flavor for most mixers to nail down. This is because the main concentrate is often too sour or tart. As a result, the taste can be quite harsh. Thankfully Watermelon Madness has all the right levels and is layered to perfection. The flavor profile is sweet and so smooth to vape on.

Watermelon Madness contains acidic lemons and juicy watermelon slices. On the inhale, you’re treated to a beverage style lemon flavor that’s slightly sour but also sweet to taste. A subtle but very nice watermelon flavor is present and strengthens as the vape progresses. The overall experience is delectable and well worth a try if you enjoy an excellent watermelon blend.

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Iced Pink Punch by Lemon Twist E-Liquid

4. Iced Pink Punch

Iced Pink Punch from the Lemon Twist E-Liquid line is pretty much the same as Pink Punch Lemonade, but with the addition of menthol. Now that might not sound like a bit change, but it is. The icy mint flavor adds a whole new dimension to the original award-winning flavor. Twist E-Liquid knocked it out of the park with this one. The quality of the menthol concentrate is really good and adds a world of difference to this mix.

Iced Pink Punch contains bittersweet lemons, mixed red berries, and frigid menthol. On the inhale, you’ll experience a very cool lemonade flavor with a nice bite to it. The red berries solidify a naturally sweet profile that completes the vape. This ejuice flavor is a personal favorite of mine and I’m sure you’ll love it as well. Whenever it’s hot, I’d recommend puffing on Iced Pink Punch. It’s refreshing and also palatable.

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360 Triple Red by Twist E-Liquid

5. 360 Triple Red

360 Triple Red is another outstanding flavor from the universally celebrated Twist E-Liquid brand. Not only is it a new flavor profile for you to try, but it also comes in a budget-friendly three-pack. Totalling 180mls, you can expect to pay just 20 cents per ml. That’s even more savings compared to the standard dual packs. 360 Triple Red is a luscious blend of three red fruits that will turn heads.

360 Triple Red contains lush watermelon slices, sweet strawberries, and sharp-tasting raspberries. On the inhale, all three concentrates will intertwine. This creates a completely new flavor profile, unlike anything I’ve tasted before. This individual concoction will have fruit lovers in paradise. Furthermore, the tart and sugary notes will leave a lovely lasting impression on your tastebuds. If you’re craving something fresh, this vape juice is the perfect thing for you.

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Honeydew Melon Chew by Melon Twist E-Liquid

6. Honeydew Melon Chew

Honeydew Melon Chew, from the Melon Twist E-Liquid line, is another exceptional melon inspired ejuice. The twist is a flavorsome candy element, in the form of a chewy lolly. I loved this idea because the added sweetness balances out the sometimes overwhelming melon profile. This leaves you with a very enjoyable, candied fruit vape. Twist E-Liquid pride themselves on developing special blends like Honeydew Melon Chew.

Honeydew Melon Chew contains equal parts honeydew melon and cantaloupe, with a sugary burst of chewy candy. On the inhale, you’re treated to the tart and almost savory honeydew melon and cantaloupe flavor. The chew promptly introduces itself and adds a much-needed sweetness to the mix. Every puff is enjoyable and in all honesty, it’s hard to put down this mouth-watering eliquid. I enjoyed how different this blend was.

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Tropical Pucker Punch by Fruit Twist E-Liquid

7. Tropical Pucker Punch

Tropical Pucker Punch from the Fruit Twist E-Liquid line is one of those secret mixes that everyone loves to try and dissect. The description suggests that it’s a blend of mystery exotic fruits that results in a party punch bowl flavor. I think this adds a little fun to vaping. I spent some time trying to figure out the individual flavor profiles and then compared that to what my friends thought.

Tropical Pucker Punch contains a collection of unidentified fruit concentrates. On the inhale, you’ll experience a well-blended sweet and also tart fruit mixture that is somewhat like a beverage. Whatever the fruits are, they tasted tremendous and that’s all that matters for most vapers. Each puff was incredibly smooth and also not overbearing. I would recommend this blend to any fruit lovers and connoisseurs.

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Banana Oatmeal Cookie by Cookie Twist E-Liquid

8. Banana Oatmeal Cookie

Banana Oatmeal Cookie, from the Cookie Twist E-Liquid line, is the first dessert-style ejuice to make our list. This is because the flavor profile is so decadent. It contains a combination of complex concentrates that work so well together. When people think of Twist E-Liquid, it’s usually about their excellent fruit mixes. But hopefully, this flavor will change your mind, because Banana Oatmeal Cookie is worth checking out.

Banana Oatmeal Cookie contains freshly baked oatmeal cookies and rich banana slices. On the inhale, you’ll be treated to the delicious oatmeal cookie flavor. It tastes like something you’d get from your local bakery. As you approach the hit, the sugary banana flavor comes into play. The two concentrates work so well together and would surely appease even the fussiest sweet-toothed vaper.

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Arctic Cool Mint Nicotine Salt by TWST Salt E-Liquid

9. Arctic Cool Mint Nicotine Salt

Artic Cool Mint, from the TWST Salt E-Liquid line, is a nicotine salt blend best suited for menthol addicts and new vapers. This classic mix can help smokers easily transition to vaping. This is because the flavor profile is relatively plain. Nicotine salt is absorbed into your bloodstream much quicker than freebase nicotine. This type of sensation is more similar to a cigarette. Nic Salt is also much less harsh to vape on.

Arctic Cool Mint contains an icy blend of menthol and mint. On the inhale, you’ll experience a refreshing menthol blast that’s complemented by a subtle hint of mint. Each puff is very refreshing and also ultra-cool. If you’ve been seeking out a simple flavor profile that has a nice after-taste, we would recommend this one. Furthermore, nothing beats a nice menthol hit in the back of your throat.

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Frosted Sugar Cookie by Cookie Twist E-Liquid

10. Frosted Sugar Cookie

Frosted Sugar Cookie, from the Cookie Twist E-Liquid line, is our final top 10 flavor. It’s not surprising to see another bakery treat make the list. This is because Twist E-Liquid does a great job at curating complex tasting dessert flavor profiles. This delectable ejuice is a favorite among sweet-tooths. It’s great to vape on when you have a sugar craving, but don’t want the added calories.

Frosted Sugar Cookie contains a variety of sweet concentrates that include vanilla frosting, sprinkles, sugar, and also fresh cookies. On the inhale, you’ll taste a dessert-style vanilla flavor, with undertones of a sugar cookie. The layering has been superbly executed to deliver an authentic experience. Don’t pass this one up, it’s worth sussing out. It pairs great with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

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Comment down below what your favorite Twist E-Liquid flavor is. We would love to hear your top flavors.