Top 10 Most Popular Vape Wild Juice Flavors 2021

Top 10 Most Popular Vape Wild Juice Flavors 2019
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Vape Wild is a massive ejuice conglomerate based out of Texas, USA. Well known universally, Vape Wild is a hugely popular brand. They proudly deliver worldwide, offer hassle free returns and dirt cheap domestic shipping. If you haven’t heard of these guys, then you need to check them out!

Coined as the ‘everyman’ vape company, Vape Wild stands by an important mission. They want to save as many lives as possible by mixing up great tasting Vape Wild juice flavors and stocking the latest vaping hardware. You can even see for yourself online the largely positive feedback posted by 100’s of vapers.

Most Popular 10 Vape Wild Juice Flavors in 2021

Vape Wild manufacturers over 150+ different flavor combinations. This is one of, if not the largest selection of good ejuice flavors available from one brand. So naturally picking the most popular 10 Vape Wild juices in 2021 was terribly difficult for the staff at We Vape Mods. But we managed to choose our favorites.

Similar to the widely popular Twist E-Liquids and Naked Vape Juice brands, Vape Wild has also won lots of awards for its terrific flavors. Taking that into consideration, along with countless hours of taste testing, we feel confident in presenting you the top 10 list below. As always, the eliquids mentioned are our personal choices. If you feel differently, please drop a comment down below.

Murica by Vape Wild

1. Murica

Murica by Vape Wild is a Bomb Pop style eliquid mix that should rustle up some fond memories of your childhood. Similar to the ice treat that you could purchase from an ice cream truck, Murica contains a delicious blend of red cherries, tart lemon-lime, and fresh blue raspberries. Murica was voted best ejuice of 2020 by the vapers on Vape Wild.

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(S+C)2 by Vape Wild

2. (S+C)2

(S+C)2 by Vape Wild is the successor to the original Strawberries and Cream mix. This eliquid is jam-packed with even more cream and strawberries than ever before! The refined recipe makes (S+C)2 super smooth and flavorful to vape on all day, every day. If you enjoy a good mix of fruit and dessert, then this is one ejuice flavor from Vape Wild worth checking out.

On Cloud Custard by Vape Wild

3. On Cloud Custard

On Cloud Custard by Vape Wild is a must try ejuice for any dessert aficionado. It’s like vaping on cloud nine. The extremely rich vanilla custard flavor is complemented by an array of many more subtle layers that intertwine throughout the vape. On Cloud Custard successfully stands out from the crowd, in a saturated market of similar custard flavor profiles.

Hannibal Nectar by Vape Wild

4. Hannibal Nectar

Hannibal Nectar by Vape Wild has a funny name but is deadly serious when it comes to flavor. This tasty mix contains a collection of exotic fruit concentrates like peach, orange, melon, berries, and coconut. When vaping on Hannibal Nectar you should experience a lovely savory yet sweet ejuice. Another award-winning blend that was voted 2nd best for 2020.

Cowboy Cooler by Vape Wild

5. Cowboy Cooler

Cowboy Cooler by Vape Wild is an icy blend that is sure to win the hearts of many menthol fanatics. The main flavor profiles in this ejuice are a multiplex of sweet and tart berries, mixed in with goosebump-inducing cool mint. I personally love eliquids like this, as the throat hit can be amazing. Cowboy Cooler won 5th best ejuice in the year 2020.

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Ice Cold by Vape Wild

6. Ice Cold

Ice Cold by Vape Wild is another menthol based ejuice to make our top 10 popular vape juice flavors list. This is for good reason, Ice Cold blends two super concentrates to forge the ultimate icy vape. The base flavors of this refreshing eliquid include spearmint and menthol. When combined, expect knock out throat hits and frozen taste buds.

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Double Rainbow by Vape Wild

7. Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow by Vape Wild also has a funny name based on a viral video from 2010. This ejuice is a delightful candy fruit blend. The exact fruits aren’t listed on the Vape Wild website, but damn does it taste good. Sweet puffs and flavor sum hits await those who are willing to try Double Rainbow. The team at We Vape Mods can vouch for this amazing eliquid.

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Circus Bear by Vape Wild

8. Circus Bear

Circus Bear by Vape Wild is a tasty vape juice flavor, previously known as ‘Mutha Custard’. The name has changed, but the same great recipe has remained the same. This mix contains the perfect ratio of fresh strawberries, ripe bananas, and buttery custard. If you’ve tried On Cloud Custard and loved it, then we highly recommend trying Circus Bear.

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Milk & Berries by Vape Wild

9. Milk & Berries

Milk & Berries by Vape Wild is a morning meal inspired ejuice perfect for morning vape sessions. Nothing is sweeter than this fun blend of mixed berries and authentic tasting cereal with milk. Appeasing fruit and breakfast lovers alike, Milk & Berries is best enjoyed after 2 weeks of steeping. This allows time for the flavor to mature and strengthen.

Wrecking Ball by Vape Wild

10. Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball by Vape Wild is our final eliquid in this top 10 list. It’s relatively simple but deliciously good. Sometimes the most basic concentrates when combined create something special. This is exactly what Wrecking Ball is. The exquisite blend of dessert style banana and filling cream. If we had to compare it to real food, then banana pudding would be spot on.

Comment down below your favorite Vape Wild juice flavors. We would love to hear about your go-to blends.