Top 10 ‘We Get It You Vape’ Memes

Top 10 'We Get It, You Vape' Memes

I saw my first ‘we get it, you vape’ meme way back in 2014. At that time, I knew little about vaping and was smoking cigarettes. I laughed, liked the photo and kept scrolling. Half a decade later, I have now swapped the cigarettes out for a vaporizer, which is a healthier alternative. So I thought it would be appropriate to gather the top 10 ‘we get it, you vape’ memes on the internet in celebration of this classic joke.

1. Golden Gate Bridge Meme

we get it you vape golden gate bridge meme

I’m sure you’ve seen this one before. It’s been floating around the internet for a long time now. No explanation needed here, just a cloudy Golden Gate bridge picture taken in San Francisco.

2. Florida Man Meme

we get it you vape florida man meme

Our next meme is of a man from Florida who vaped a friends semen, for $68. Everything was filmed and put on YouTube ( which was promptly made private ). But we’re sure you could find it on Google somewhere. Not too sure if it’s real or fake, but it’s good for a laugh.

3. 9/11 Meme

we get it you vape 9/11 meme
A potentially controversial meme that pictures one of the twin towers billowing out smoke. This was caused by a coordinated terrorist attack on America by al-Qaeda. Less we forget.

4. Inhaler Meme

we get it you vape inhaler meme

This meme made me laugh. The “vape” pictured above is actually an inhaler, which is commonly used by people who get asthma. Weird looking inhaler though.

5. Weird Meme

we get it you vape weird meme

This meme is wrong on so many levels and super gross! I’m not sure what is going on here, or why gimp 1 wants to breathe in a fart from gimp 2. Either way, it doesn’t look enjoyable.

6. Inhaler Mod Meme

we get it you vape inhaler mod meme

Another crack at those unfortunate people who have to use inhalers for various health reasons. Pretty funny and accurate though in some cases.

7. Kid Meme

we get it you vape kid meme

It looks like a vaper got their jimmies rustled and created a meme in retaliation to ‘we get it, you vape’. This kid’s face is hilarious.

8. Sexuality Meme

we get it you vape sexuality meme

While not politically correct, this meme suggests that vapers bat for the other team. A classic gag that would catch anyone off guard.

9. ‘We Get It, You Vape’ wikiHow Meme

we get it you vape wikihow meme

wikiHow is well known for its meme-worthy artwork. This one, in particular, depicts someone rubbing Vaseline on their neck. The meme relies on the wordplay, that works so well with this picture.

10. Toilet Meme

we get it you vape toilet meme

Yet another crack at vapers sexuality choices, that was too funny not to include. I’ve seen this meme applied to many different topics, but this one takes the cake.

Comment down below your favorite we get it you vape meme.