Tropical Bliss by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid Review

Tropical Bliss by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid Review
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Tropical Bliss by Sydney Vape Co is a sweet and juicy fruit eliquid that is bang on authentic tasting. Sydney Vape Co hails from the east coast of Australia and was established in late 2018. They have spent many years perfecting their latest line of tasty ejuices that include Sunset Cola, Nonna’s Tiramisu, and also Monkey Business. Each bottle contains high-quality ingredients that are handcrafted by founder Dario Gaggioli.

Tropical Bliss will be delivered to you pre-steeped, for your vaping pleasure. Unfortunately, due to Australian law, you will need to import your own nicotine from overseas. This can be purchased from various online vendors like Vapoureyes NZ, Wick And Wire Co NZ or HiLIQ. It’s relatively easy to add your own nicotine to vape juice using a nicotine mixing calculator.

Tropical Bliss by Sydney Vape Co Ejuice Review


The three main concentrates in Tropical Bliss by Sydney Vape Co are pineapple, mango, and peach. On the inhale you will taste a dominate mango flavor. This carries on throughout the vape. You may also taste subtle hints of a peach and pineapple flavor on the exhale. I personally would have preferred the pineapple flavor to be stronger, with the mango toned down slightly. Never less, it’s still one delicious eliquid!

I experienced no chemical flavored undertones or razor throat hits whilst enjoying. I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, but I could swear there is a slight cooling effect in this ejuice. I can feel a slight cold sensation after each puff. As a result, I feel this adds something special to the overall experience. The flavor layering is good, but not great.

Tropical Bliss by Sydney Vape Co Vape Juice Review


Tropical Bliss by Sydney Vape Co can be purchased from their official website and a select group of Australian vendors. A 30ml bottle will set you back just $14.99 AUD! That’s great value for money and well worth checking out. Sydney Vape Co also offer a sample pack of their top 10 flavors. If you’re in need of a mini holiday, I would recommend sitting back and closing your eyes while vaping on some Tropical Bliss by Sydney Vape Co.

Tropical Bliss by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid Australian Review


The packaging design has been well thought out and also superbly executed by Dario. Each flavor from the Sydney Vape Co line features a specific color and artwork that represents the flavor inside. The typography is stylish and easy to read. All the required information can be found on the box and bottle.

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Tropical Bliss by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid
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