Turkish Baklava by Sydney Vape Co is a traditional pastry dessert flavored eliquid. It’s both rich and deliciously sweet! Sydney Vape Co is a micro ejuice manufacturer that hails from the east coast of Australia. They are quickly becoming a very well known brand because of their high-quality mixes. Sydney Vape Co’s vape juice will tantalize your taste buds and is also budget friendly.

Other great flavors from this line include Sunset Cola, Nonna’s Tiramisu, and also Monkey Business. Each bottle comes pre-steeped and ready to vape. I experienced no nasty undertones or razor blade hits whilst enjoying. Due to Australian law, you will need to purchase your nicotine separately. We Vape Mods can recommend checking out HiLIQ for great value freebase nicotine.

Turkish Baklava by Sydney Vape Co Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles in Turkish Baklava by Sydney Vape Co are filo pastry, rose water soaked nuts and golden syrup. The aroma of rose water is strong and it smelt just like perfume. I was initially reluctant to vape on this eliquid, but I’m glad I did because the smell doesn’t represent the taste at all.

On the inhale you are treated to so many complex flavors that have been superbly layered. Every puff was exciting and also enjoyable. The dominating concentrates for me were the golden syrup and rose water. The flaky pastry and nuts are present but subtle. The rose water successfully mellows out the mix by making sure it’s not too sickly sweet.

Turkish Baklava by Sydney Vape Co Vape Juice Review


You can purchase this fantastic flavor direct from the Sydney Vape Co website. They are also stocked at popular brick and mortar stores across Australia. A 30ml bottle of Turkish Baklava will only set you back $15 AUD. That’s great value for money and well worth a purchase. If you’re after a sweet dessert flavor, go and pick yourself up a bottle of Turkish Baklava.

Turkish Baklava by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid Australian Review


I quite like the packaging design Sydney Vape Co have gone with for this particular line. Each mix is color-coded and features a cute little graphic representing the flavor inside. This kind of attention to detail is visually appealing to purchasers. Founder Dario Gaggioli, pictured above, possesses a strong knowledge of design and marketing, which has positively influenced the overall aesthetics for Sydney Vape Co.

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Turkish Baklava by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid
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