Ultimate Vape Shop Bali Guide – Top 4 Destinations To Check Out

Ultimate Vape Shop Bali Guide

We Vape Mods in partnership with the Friday Vape Club have put together the ultimate vape shop Bali guide for you. If you are a vaper in Bali, the below vape shops are a must to check out.

Bali is one of the best places in the world to holiday. This includes the breathtaking natural and urban landscapes, the super friendly Balinese culture and the dirt cheap price of nearly anything you could think of.

Top 4 Vape Shop Bali Picks

Karisma Jaya Vapor Vape Shop Bali

1. Karisma Jaya Vapor


First off the bat is Karisma Jaya Vapor. This was a We Vape Mods favorite. Heaps of clone hardware options to choose from including some original pieces. You will find a decent amount of ejuice stocked by local and international manufacturers.

Not as many testers to try unfortunately so it’s best to know what you want to pick up before you get there. Karisma Jaya Vapor is also quite small so you can’t really chill out like the rest of the shops mentioned. They do though have an in-house builder which is a bonus.

You can purchase a variety of custom-made coils that are of high quality. For example, you can pick up a custom alien coil, installed and wicked for only $12 AUD. Furthermore, you can get your device re-wicked for just 50 cents!

Link Vapes Vape Shop Bali

2. Link Vapes


Link Vapes was another great vape shop that we hit up. They had heaps of cheap ejuices to choose from including American eliquid for just $10 AUD. The shop was very clean and the staff was also very friendly. One small negative was that the testers weren’t really organized, they were just all chucked into a basket for us to rummage through.

Some of the bottles didn’t have even have labels. They did though have a great selection of clone mech tube devices if that’s your thing. EDIT: We have been told the USA branded eliquids may not be legit so please take that into consideration when purchasing.

Jegeg Vape Shop Bali

3. Jegeg Vape Bali


Jegeg was stocked to the roof with quality local ejuices including MadCow and Fcuckin Donuts to name a few. Most of them selling for around $15 AUD for 60mls ( including nicotine ). One of the standout features of this vape store was the huge chillout area and also a mini restaurant.

The staff welcome you to eat, vape, and relax which was a real bonus. You will find a heap of clone RDA’s, mech tubes, and contemporary mod devices.

Vape Bar Cstyle Indonesia Vape Shop Bali

4. Vape Bar Cstyle Indonesia


Even if you’re not a local, the most iconic Vape Shop Bali is Cstyle. They are one of the biggest vape shop chains in Bali. Their shop was very clean and modern. They even provided clean tester devices and ejuices.

They mainly stocked eliquid produced by The Holy Juice Lab which is 50VG/50PG. This shop is perfect for a beginner vaper, looking to pick up a cheap kit and some decent vape juice at a great price.

Watch the full breakdown of each shop below in the Friday Vape Club video. Also please make sure to respect the local vaping laws while traveling abroad.

We Vape Mods have made it easy for you by putting together a handy guide on bringing your vape on a plane. So make sure to check that out because you don’t want to be stranded without your favorite vaporizer and ejuice.