Valr by Amod Vape RDA Review

Valr by Amod Vape RDA Review
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The Valr by Amod Vape is a great looking RDA that features buttery smooth airflow and fantastic flavor. Amod Vape is a brand new manufacturer to the scene, being founded in early 2019. Their core focus is to develop innovative unregulated devices for advanced vapers all over the globe. The Valr RDA is their first mainstream product that has seen great success online with multiple popular reviewers giving it the thumbs up.

Made from strong 316 stainless steel, the Valr RDA measures 24mm’s by 35mm’s and also weighs just 43.5 grams. The overall great aesthetic is what I think will appeal to most vapers. It’s currently available in 3 colors that include SS, black and grey. The PEI/PC, friction fit 810 drip tip will feel comfortable on your lips and helps absorb excessive heat. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the Valr by Amod Vape RDA.

Amod Vape VALR 24mm BF RDA Review


Even though the Valr by Amod Vape RDA is a touch on the small side, it definitely packs a flavorful punch. This is primarily because of the smart airflow configuration. Six slanted holes point directly under your coils, producing near-perfect flavor. It’s also raised up from the juice well to help minimize leaking, which is prone among most BF RDAs. To adjust the airflow, simply rotate the entire top cap.

The dual post deck features ample room to build and also drip to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, the clamp system was a little disappointing. It consists of two cubes, that reveal small indents. This is where you are supposed to fit your coils legs, simultaneously sharing one post each. This proved to be fiddly and also frustrating, even for me, a seasoned builder. It would have been much easier if each post was cut all the way through.

Valr by Amod Vape Dual Coil Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Review

Due to the post holes being fixed, it’s very important to get your coils cut to the right length. Luckily Amod Vape has included a custom coil cutting tool designed specifically for the Valr RDA. It did an ok job, but I felt the length was still too long and could potentially cause a short. I would recommend making some finite adjustments after using the provided tool, just to be on the safe side.


The Valr by Amod Vape RDA is a hard device to get a hold of. It’s available from a limited amount of online vendors that include 3Avape. The best price I could find was $33.90 USD. I think this is a fair asking price and well worth a purchase if you can look past the tricky build deck. Make sure to suss this RDA out soon as they appear to have only made a limited quantity.

Valr by Amod Vape RDA USA Review


The packaging that your Valr RDA will come in is very unique. The high-quality tin box features simple branding and in my opinion worthwhile keeping. Inside you will find your RDA, coil trimming tool, Allen screw driver, bottom squonk feed pin, spare part bag and also a user manual. The Valr RDA features a subtle engraved logo on the front face and on top is some gear like knurling.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Valr by Amod Vape RDA.

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Valr by Amod Vape RDA
Sensational Flavor
Smooth Airflow
Aesthetically Pleasing RDA
Great Packaging
Tricky To Build On
Coil Cutter Tool Leaves Legs Too Long