Vandy Vape x Vaping Bogan Bonza RDA Review

Vandy Vape x Vaping Bogan Bonza RDA Review


Vandy Vape x Vaping Bogan Bonza is almost the perfect RDA. It’s mostly used as a dual coil setup but you can convert to a single-coil if you wish to. It’s machined perfectly and the materials are well-sourced and sturdy. Constructing on this RDA is about as easy as it gets, the raised posts and staggered terminals make it a dream to build on. In addition, it’s very easy to wick.

You can choose to use a standard 510 pin or you can install the included squonk pin if you have a compatible mod. The top cap and sleeve both pull out and slip back on easily. They are firm enough to not move around at all when you don’t want them to. Airflow adjustment is well executed with two groups of holes on either side of the sleeve. All you have to do is just twist the top cap around to close off a column of holes at a time. You can even completely block off one side to turn the unit into a single coil RDA.

The one gripe I have with this RDA is that I would have preferred a notch in the base and sleeve to make installing and removing it on a mod a bit easier.

Vandy Vape x Vaping Bogan Bonza RDA Tank Review


Pricing is pretty good for an RDA of this caliber. You’ll find it at around the $30 USD mark. In my opinion, this is excellent value for money considering just how good this unit is.


The RDA comes in a plastic container and has some nice cardboard wrapping around the inner plastic shell that holds the RDA. Being that this was designed by the Vaping Bogan you get his trademark face on the front of the packaging. In the packaging, you’ll find the RDA, two extra drip tips, some instructions, and also a spare parts packet.

The spare parts packet includes some o-rings, extra terminal screws, a squonk pin, and a couple of tools to help with the building. The tools are quite small though and aren’t the best ones to use in my opinion. While the packaging is very nice the cardboard wrapping that surrounds the inner plastic shell isn’t easy to get back into place. So once it’s been opened you’re going to have trouble closing the whole thing up again.

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Vandy Vape x Vaping Bogan Bonza RDA
Easy To Build On
Dual & Single Coil Compatible
Good Airflow
Not The Easiest To Get On & Off A Mod