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Today I’m reviewing Vanilla Lemonade by Drifter Mini Eliquid. This is a follow up to my review on the Cool Blue Raspberry flavor from the same range, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Similarly Vanilla Lemonade holds the same high quality mixture that I’ve come to expect from Drifter Mini.

Vanilla Lemonade is manufactured in the UK using top shelf ingredients and safe manufacturing procedures. Unfortunately due to local laws this eliquid is only available with 0mg of nicotine. Though you usually get a nicshot included when purchasing from a brick and mortar store.

I recommend you let this vape juice steep for around one week for best flavor. If you do choose to vape on Vanilla Lemonade straight away, it will be bit harsh on the throat.

Vanilla Lemonade by Drifter Mini Ejuice Review


Vanilla Lemonade is a potent combination of sharp and smooth notes that create a balanced overall vape. The inhale is largely made up of light vanilla cream, which while sweet is relatively mellow. It almost tastes like a good dairy heavy ice cream with a hint of sherbet. On exhale you will experience a lemonade flavor which is slightly tangy.

Vanilla Lemonade eliquid can be used in sub-ohm tanks and RDAs. The mix features a 70VG/30PG ratio, producing great flavor and clouds. I would recommend this eliquid to vapers looking for a not too sweet and not too sour blend.

Vanilla Lemonade by Drifter Mini Vape Juice Review


Vanilla Lemonade eliquid is available in a 25ml and 100ml shortfill bottle. Each bottle has room for 5ml of your 10ml nicotine shot. Prices are competitively set across the drifter range coming in at around £5.99 GBP. Not many ejuice brands do mini versions like this, so I applaud Drifter for being innovative.

I feel this is a good price point if you’re interested in trying out Drifter for the first time. Spending a fiver to see if you like it or not seems more logical rather than the full £20 GBP for a larger bottle that you might pass on or chuck away.

Vanilla Lemonade by Drifter Mini Eliquid UK Review


Drifter packs their vape juice in clear plastic chubby gorilla bottles. They also utilize a tamper childproof top cap. The label is colorful, modern and very glossy. Perhaps too shiny when outside in sunny conditions. The bottle itself is a hard composite plastic, but soft enough to pinch when dripping or refilling your sub-ohm tank.

Comment below what you thought of the Vanilla Lemonade by Drifter Mini Eliquid.

Vanilla Lemonade by Drifter Mini Eliquid
Quality UK EliquidSweet & Sour BlendGood Branding & Bottle Design