The Vapelustion Hannya Nano Pod is a luxurious vaping device that’s very nice to look at and is also highly portable. It has two easy to remove side panels that boast beautiful artwork inspired by the classic Japanese tale of Genji. It features a quick recharge time, relatively long-lasting battery, and decent flavor. But does all this warrant such a high asking price? Keep reading to find out.

Sparkover Technology Co is responsible for designing and manufacturing the well-liked Vapelustion brand. They also do the Hannya range, which has quickly become quite popular across Asia. Sparkover boasts a world-class team of leading product designers, artists, and sales agents. Since 2018, they’ve released a handful of box mods and pod devices.

Vapelustion Hannya Nano Pod Starter Kit Review


The Vapelustion Hannya Nano Pod is extremely compact, measuring just 66.1mm’s by 48.8mm’s by 13.9mm’s. It’s also noticeable lightweight at 65.7 grams. The main chassis is made from plastic and the side panels are thin pieces of metal. It’s designed to be worn around your neck using the included lanyard. This is perfect for on the go vapers. It feels nice in hand and the side panels are embossed.

The Vapelustion Hannya Nano Pod boasts a 600mAh rechargeable battery that can last an impressive amount of time. You can also recharge it from flat within 30 minutes! It utilizes a modern USB-C port that features pass-through technology. Unfortunately, the cartridge on top can only hold a measly 2ml’s of eliquid. It also contains a very thin 1.2ohm coil that’s prone to burning. Make sure you don’t pull too hard or chain vape.

Vapelustion Hannya Nano 600mAh Vape Pod Review

The Vapelustion Hannya Nano Pod is relatively quiet and also produces minimal clouds. This is great for people that want to stealth vape. The flavor was ok, but nothing groundbreaking. Filling is easy and I haven’t experinced any leaking so far. Two strong magnets on the inner side of the main body will hold your cartridge in place pretty well. As a result, you can chuck it in your pocket or bag without any worries.

The star of the show has to be the removable and interchangeable side panels for the Vapelustion Hannya Nano Pod. The artwork is insanely good and eye-catching. I found myself constantly mixing and matching them. Similar to the cartridge magnets, you won’t have to worry about the panels falling off unless you drop your pod. The overall style is awesome and so aesthetically pleasing.

Vapelustion Hannya Nano 2ml Pod System USA Review


The Vapelustion Hannya Nano Pod is available to buy right now for $37.82 USD from Heaven Gifts. I think that’s expensive but can still picture people buying it. This is because it looks so cool. I would recommend this pod to vapers that have money to splurge and care more about looks than performance. The packaging is much more exorbitant than usual. So this could have also factored into the high asking price.


The Vapelustion Hannya Nano Pod comes in just two colors which are white and black. But there’s a variety of panels to choose from. This includes four standard designs and also some special edition Joker/Harley Queen panels. The included lanyard also matches the panel design, which is cool! Inside you’ll find your Hannya Nano Pod, 2 x panels, cartridge, USB-C charging cable, lanyard, and also a user manual.

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Vapelustion Hannya Nano Pod
Compact & LightweightLong Lasting BatteryUSB-C ChargingMinimal Sound & CloudsBeautiful Packaging & Design
Only 2ml CapacityThin Coil Prone To BurningHigh Asking Price