The Vaperz Cloud Trilogy 30mm RTA is a competition-ready rebuildable tank atomizer that boasts a large amount of high capacity tube options. This includes a massive 10ml bubble glass. The Trilogy RTA is the latest vaping product to hit shelves in 2020. Manufactured by the high-end company Vaperz Cloud. The build should look to avid Vaperz Cloud fans. This is because it replicas the very popular Asgard RDA deck design.

Rebuildable tank atomizer releases are slowing becoming few and far between due to the high demand of pod devices. Thankfully Vaperz Cloud is a quality manufacturer that specializes in high-end products. What they’ve delivered is a flavorful cloud machine that the tricking community is going to love. The main components are made in the USA and the rest is from China.

Vaperz Cloud Trilogy 30mm 10ml RTA Review


The Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA is a huge tank. It measures 30mm’s in diameter and also comes with three different glass options. This includes a 2ml, 5.5ml, and also 10ml. The top features an ergonomic 810 goon style drip tip that’s wide bore and also super low profile. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this, but each to their own. The filling system incorporates an intuitive half-turn twist cap that reveals two enormous kidney-shaped inlets.

The Trilogy RTA chimney can deliver smooth airflow and dense flavor. This is because of the domed construction and condensed space. The amount of air can be easily changed by adjusting the buttery smooth airflow ring. It contains 44 micro holes that help stabilize your air intake. The build deck allows for sizable exotic coils. There’s just enough room under where your coils will be sitting to direct incoming airflow perfectly.

Vaperz Cloud Trilogy 30mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Review

The build deck contains a 4 point postless layout with tiny grub screws to hold everything in place. There’s enough room to build either a single or dual coil setup, depending on your preference. The trick I found to obtain the best coil placement is to bend your wire inwards and low to the deck. The wicking for this RTA is forgiving and is a cinch to perform.

As previously mentioned the Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA provides exceptional flavor for a tank of its size. Cloud production is fantastic! I was able to blow effortless mega thick dense clouds. One negative thing was the poor fit and finish. My tank had scratches throughout and machining debris left in it. A little poking around with a soft wire brush cleaned it up, but I thought it was still worth mentioning for potential buyers.

Vaperz Cloud Trilogy 30mm 24K RTA USA Review


High-end products usually don’t come cheap, but this one surprisingly isn’t too pricey. You can pick one up from the official Vaperz Cloud website for just $70 USD or £55.00 GBP. I would be happy to pay that, but I think it might be a bit much for most vapers. Also, for $19.99 USD or £15.00 GBP you can get a full set of spare tubes in clear, smoked or Ultem.


The Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA is available in five different colors that include SS, gloss black, matte black, 24k gold, and also gunmetal. The outer coating is noticeably luxe and durable. The packaging is jet black and is very minimalist. Inside you’ll find your RTA, spare tubes, chimney extension, clear acrylic drip tip, baggy of spares, and also a good quality instruction manual.

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Vaperz Cloud Trilogy 30mm RTA
Massive Eliquid CapacityEasy To Build Deck DesignBeautiful Design & ConstructionForgiving Wicks
Drip Tip Is Too Low ProfilePoor Fit & FinishMight Be Too Pricey For Some

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